Things You Should Not Be Spending Too Much On

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As all the expenses adult life throws at you outpour, it can be difficult to manage your finances regardless of how much you make. One of the best ways to improve your situation is to trim your daily costs. Figure out what exactly you are paying for by knowing which things you are spending too much on.


If you have been eating restaurant food almost everyday because you do not cook much then, you really need to cutback on your food expenses. Here are some viable suggestions:

a. If eating out is unavoidable, you must eat smart by making healthier and cheaper choices in just 5 ways.

b. When you are shopping and cooking at home, think about these awesome veggies and fruit hacks that will help you to be healthy and to save more.

c. Just because the food is deemed or claimed as healthy – that does not mean it always is. For example, most diet often has enough protein intakes already but some people still add the protein powder. By doing so, the person is at risk of excess protein, which is actually bad for the health. When your normal eating diet is protein sufficient then, save on expensive medical bills by skipping the protein powder.


Yes! It is better safe than sorry but some of the Smartphone mishaps can be fixed or even prevented for less. Spare yourself some money and time by subtracting handphone insurance and Smartphone repair to your expenses. Here are some viable suggestions:

a. Instead of paying 3-4 months of handphone insurance because you are scared of water damage, a well-reviewed waterproof case will only cost you S$21.

b. With continued use; your charger may not fit as well into the port as it did before. The simple way to fix it is to use a sharp toothpick to remove the lint and dirt from the port. Clean the rest of your phone by using cotton swab/ cotton buds/ cotton tips with drops of distilled water on it.

c. Overtime, you may experience hearing an inferior sound when you plug the earphones into the “jack” (usually on the upper-right hand corner of the phone). To fix this audio quality, stick a cotton swab into the jack and use it to clear out any dirt.


I know everyone would agree that those stores bought greeting cards are too pricey for its materials. A minimum of S$4 per card (i.e., price of a common brand) for every occasion and for every special someone can add to your expenses fast. Do not get me started with the price of famed Hallmark cards!

A frugal alternative is to print free greeting cards that are available online. I personally recommend the free printable cards, invitations, and envelopes from


Since wedding and engagement are events that happen once in a lifetime, people often rationalize their spending for the diamond rings. Jewelry, in general, is an expensive category in itself. Expensive jewelry plus an emotional event can result to overspending. If you try to spend less, you will feel guilty and cheap. Fortunately, you can negotiate with the prices by knowing the 4 C’s namely carat, clarity, color, and cut.

Image Credits: (License: CC0 Public Domain)

Image Credits: (License: CC0 Public Domain)

Now, you may ask the local jeweler if he or she is willing to change the setting of the ring for a discount or even for free. That will surely lower down the overall amount.

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