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Financial Challenges of Wedding Preparation and How to Overcome Them

Weddings are notoriously known for being expensive and stressful. Be prepared to plan for a year for an event that will happen instantly in a day. The possible options are overwhelming! Not to mention, countless wedding vendors are vying for your attention. You might want to brace yourself, because the average cost of a wedding in Singapore ranges between S$22,200 and S$52,800. During the process of wedding planning, engaged couples often make financial mistakes that affect their future. Here’s how



Things You Should Not Be Spending Too Much On

As all the expenses adult life throws at you outpour, it can be difficult to manage your finances regardless of how much you make. One of the best ways to improve your situation is to trim your daily costs. Figure out what exactly you are paying for by knowing which things you are spending too much on. 1. FOOD If you have been eating restaurant food almost everyday because you do not cook much then, you really need to cutback


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11 Cheapest Items on the First Months of 2015

Some items are cheaper at certain times. Hence, with planning and knowledge, you will be able to save more money when purchasing throughout the year. Here are the 11 cheapest things to buy from January to March 2015: IN JANUARY 1. HOLIDAY ITEMS Holiday items such as surplus or unused gift cards, Christmas decorations, and wrapping papers are now selling with discount in stores and in the Internet (e.g., eBay or Carousell). Buy now, as their condition and use will