Organic Beer, Is It A Thing?

The 90s gave birth to iconic trends such as tattoo chokers and cropped tops. Along with these trends was the invention of the organic beer. In America, two breweries reign supreme when it comes to organic beer. These two where Lakefront Brewing Co. in Milwaukee and Eel River Brewing Co. in Northern California. Now there are a handful of brands to choose from.

It is easy to call something “organic”, but what does it mean exactly? A beer can put the organic seal if it meets the following guidelines:

a. it is at least 95% organically produced (i.e., without GMOs, pesticides, and synthetic fertilizers)

b. the brewery must prove that the remaining ingredients are not available in sufficient organic quantities or organic form

A beer can still be labelled “made with organic…”, if the brewery used at least 70% of organic ingredients excluding salt and water. Beyond this, a beer can be given a 100% organic certification if the entire process including cleaning and making materials was organic. Such beers are understandably rare!

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Why Should You Drink Organic Beer?

It comes as no surprise that drinking organic beer helps support agriculture. Beer is made with grains, fruits, vegetables, spices, yeast, and water. You can help keep the groundwater clean, reduce the toxic air pollution, and protect the organic farmers when you buy ingredients that are produced organically. If you already subscribe to organic meat and organic produce, why not switch to organic beer too?

Let us focus on the price of organic beer. In most cases, its price is the same as many craft beers. This enables you to enjoy the healthy taste of beer at budget-friendly prices.

Further research in the organic beer industry led me to the discovery of Bison’s Chocolate Stout. It is a product made with Peruvian cocoa from Bison Brewing Co. Aside from this, you may also try Bison Brewing Co’s Honey Basil beer or Organic Hop Cuvee West Coast Ale. Sweet beers quench my preference for sweet alcoholic beverages.

You may also try Lakefront Brewery’s Chad. It is a product that exudes a special bitter taste with a spicy flair. You may have guessed that the product was brewed by a cellar-man whose name is Chad.

Nonetheless, you may check out the organic alcoholic beverages at your nearby supermarket or by visiting

“I wanted to create a beer that connected my healthy, active lifestyle with my social life, and bring it all together.” —Smart Beer Founder Gabriel Heymann

Can You Make Your Own Organic Beer?

The short answer is “YES”! Simply round up these ingredients: malted grain, hop, water, and yeast. Then, follow the instructions found in

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Delicious And Affordable Places For Korean Soft Serves In Singapore

The unwavering popularity of K-Pop and Korean dramas brought forth the satisfying dessert called soft serve.

Soft serve, a type of ice cream, is perfect for the sunny Singapore climate and its increasing health conscious inhabitants. It is generally lighter, smoother, and creamier than the regular ice cream because of the air introduced during freezing. Due to its formulation, soft serve ice cream melts rather quickly so you must eat lick its goodness rather quickly. Worry not if you consume more than expected as it has generally less milk-fat than regular ice cream.

Inexpensive does not always come with bad taste if you know the right places to look. That being said, here are 3 delicious yet affordable places to satisfy your hunger for Korean soft serves…


Boasting with lengthy queues daily, Honey Crème’s soft serves are silky and rich. Showing a balance between flavors, all the ingredients are mixed well together by the hand to give a smooth consistency. Customers can avail occasional flavors aside from its classic flavors such as Caramel Popcorn, Comb Honey, Affogato, and Organic Mixed Grains.

If you are a fan or cotton candy or fairy floss, their nice spins are made with organic sugar and natural flavoring. Furthermore, it is stuffed with Italian rock salt to give a twist and even out the sweetness of both the ice cream and the cotton candy.

Price Range: S$5.50 – S$6.50

Locations: 313 Orchard Road, #01-37, Singapore 238895 ; 50 Jurong Gateway Road #B1-06, Singapore 608549


Hailing from South Korea, Milkcow offers ice cream made with 100% organic milk from Italian farms. Much like Honey Crème, Milkcow has a loyal following that proves how addicting their products are.

With 14 special flavors, Milkcow’s wide selection of sort serves can be topped with organic honeycomb, cotton candy, fruits, jelly beans, chocolate syrup, and so much more. And if you are confused on which flavors to purchase, consider trying Snow Drop, Milky Peace, and Milky Cube.

Price Range: S$4.90 – S$6.50 (Soft Serves) and S$1.00 – S$2.00 (Toppings)

Locations: 8 locations nationwide, visit for more information.


Sweet Monster is the new Korean soft serve on the block. With its adorable characters, unique flavors, quality ingredients, and American festival vibes – you are sure to have a wonderfully satisfying experience!

Feast your eyes on their visually pleasing Popcorn Ice Cream (S$6.80) that is in complete dichotomy in taste, texture, and temperature. Is it sweet or salty? Is it crunchy or smooth? Is it hot or cold? Find the answers to these questions yourself by heading to one of their outlets.

Price Range: S$4.80 – $6.80 (Soft Serves) and S$8-8.30 (Cake Ice Cream)

Locations: Plaza Singapura, 68 Orchard Road, #B2-49, Singapore 238839 ; Bugis Junction, 200 Victoria Street, #M01-K1, Singapore 188021
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Budget-Friendly Organic Groceries in Singapore

Investing on organic produce that is GMO-free and freshly grown with fewer pesticides sounds like a good yet pricey idea. Not anymore. Nowadays, you can get organic vegetables and fruits in local grocery stores or online for affordable prices. Prices are decreased to suit Singapore’s needs.


BestOrganicFood, established in 2010, is one of Singapore’s leading distributor and retailer of organically grown produce. Dishing over 60 varieties of organic vegetables and fruits that are grown locally or overseas, BestOrganicFood is a green paradise for those who want to change their lifestyle without breaking the bank.

Here are some of their products:

a. Organic Australia Beet Root (600 grams), Price: S$5

b. Organic Baby Bitter Gourd (400 grams), Price: S$3

c. Local Organic Bai Cai (500 grams), Price: S$5

Free delivery for orders above S$35! Visit BestOrganicFood at Blk 681, Hougang Avenue 8, #01-865 Singapore 530681 or at


A place with luscious greenery and farm animals, Green Circle Eco Farm not only welcomes educational tours for the public and schools but it also sells food without artificial chemicals and pesticides. These produce are mostly locally grown.

Here are some of their products:

a. Kang Kong (300g), Price: S$2.50

b. Lettuce (200g), Price: S$3

c. Lemon grass and Pandan (100g), Price: S$1

There is a minimum amount of S$30 for home deliveries of products listed on their vegetables, fruit, herbs, and condiments tabs. Delivery fee of S$5, is one of the lowest delivery service among other organic groceries in Singapore.

Visit Green Circle Eco Farm at 41 Neo Tiew Road Singapore 719028 or at


Much like Green Circle Eco Farm, Quan Fa Organic Farm abstains from the use of pesticides and harmful fertilizers. Since 1999, Singapore has been enjoying their nutritious and healthy produce. They offer about 40 varieties of hard vegetables, herbs, leafy greens, and fruits that are from our local roots. Aside from Asian produce, they also sell imported organic produce from Malaysia, Australia, and Thailand.

Here are some of their products:

a. French Bean (200g), Price: S$2.50

b. Romaine Lettuce (300g), Price: S$3.50

c. Cauliflower (100g), Price: S$1.50

Quan Fa’s products are at available at Sheng Siong outlets. Visit Quan Fa Organic Farm at 35 Murai Farmway Singapore 709145 or at


A brainchild of FairPrice, Pasar Organic products are available at the “Just Organic” section at FairPrice Finest. There are over 800 varieties of organic products including vegetables, fruits, canned goods, beverages, condiments, snacks, and infant food. What’s more? FairPrice Finest offers the best prices for organic pasta, noodles, and sauces.

Visit them at the FairPrice Finest outlets or at


5 Ways to Shop for Healthy Foods Without Spending Too Much

It is no secret that buying organic and healthy foods is more costly than buying junk. But, if you are willing to shop smartly, then you can enjoy the goodness and freshness of organic foods without breaking your food budget. Here are 5 Ways to Shop for Healthy Foods Without Spending Too Much…

1. Purchase Within Your Family’s Needs

Buy stocks of food to fit your whole family. Usually, to save more money, you will want to buy in bulk, but, not if you are a family of three or two. Rethink your family’s needs and list it down.

2. Shop Around

In order for you to find the best price in town, you must shop around different stores. Besides supermarkets, you can search for healthy foods in specialty stores, Gourmet Delis, Wet and Dry Markets, and even Online. For instance, you may go to two different stores to save money and buy the best product: one for the vegetables and one for the sea foods.

Image Credits: epSos .de via Flickr

Image Credits: epSos .de via Flickr

3. Shop in Season

You will definitely save more money if you purchase the organic produce that is in season. Price always lowers when there is greater supply. Summer and fall are usually the best times to go creative with your food choices.

4. Grow Your Own Food

Growing your own food is organic at its finest. If you do not have a backyard or an apartment balcony there are community gardens for you to plant your own seed. Aside from being domestic, you can also save more money if you buy produce of the local supermarket’s brand (e.g. Mixed Vegetables by FairPrice).

5. Go Gaga over Greens

Kale, arugula, and spinach are some of the most nutritious and affordable foods you will find in a grocery store. As the color of the vegetable gets darker, the more nutritious it is because of its antioxidants and beta-carotene. If possible, buy the leafy greens that are not pre-packed because they are cheaper.

Image Credits: Amazing Almonds via Flickr

Image Credits: Amazing Almonds via Flickr

BONUS TIP! Stay on the outside aisles of the grocery store because the further you go inside, the less healthy it becomes. That is all for now. Have fun shopping!