Personal Finance

Be Financially Smart With These Incredibly Free And Useful Websites

Money Saving Website

Educating yourself on your finances is just a keystroke away with these incredibly Free and Useful Websites… 1. SPENDING WISELY Spend wisely by budgeting your money and saving more through the awesome money management website called, accompanied its free mobile Apps, allows its users to track their spending, develop a monthly budget, receive bill reminders, and take control of their financial life. What’s more? It sends online alerts if you had gone over your budget. 2. MAKING MONEY



Premier Websites To Place Your Ads For FREE

Are you a budding entrepreneur with a minimum budget looking for an affordable website to post your Ads in Singapore? Or, do you just want to buy pre-loved designer goods for a cheaper price? Lucky for you, Free Classified Ads online can serve you best! Online Classifieds are a good choice as these are cost-effective, convenient to relay contact, visible to a large-scale of consumers, and the advertisers are able to edit a listing anytime. 1. STCLASSIFIEDS Owned by the


Lifestyle & Hobbies

5 Free Audiobooks Websites For The Savvy Bookworm

Living on the fast-paced millennia, audiobooks combined the best of two worlds namely: text of a good book and the convenience of listening to it. It certainly saves time, effort, and money. But audiobooks are not always inexpensive. Fortunately there are websites that offer the beauty of audiobooks for free. Here are some good ones… 1. LIBROVOX Librovox asks a group of people to volunteer different parts of the books. This is why you can listen to diverse voices in


Phones & Utilities

How Safe Are Online or Mobile Money Transfer Services?

Money Transfers that lets you send money in just the few clicks of the mouse or the few taps of your hand seemed unimaginable decades ago. But nowadays, online and mobile apps are sprouting everywhere. Its convenience to send money to your friend for instance, even if you live far away from each, keeps you tempted to use it. However, when you allow doing the transactions online with your personal details, you are also vulnerable to identify theft, fraud, hackers,


Career and Enterprising

Real Ways To Make Money Online

Some online businesses and websites are prevalent of scams or are filled with annoying ads that give a bad impression. But, do not let that stop you. The Internet is full of realistic opportunities to make a couple of quick cash. All you have to do is be creative and patient in finding credible ones. Here are 6 ideas you can start with… 1. 99 DESIGNS  Originally from Australia, 99 Designs became one of the world’s largest online graphic design