How to Save Money to Grow Your KPop Merch Collection

Fangirls and fanboys show their love for their idols in different ways. While some fans show their loyalty by attending every concert, others show their appreciation by purchasing KPop merchandise. Buying albums is one of the best ways to support their idols as it will help the singers or bands to hit top spots in the physical and digital music charts.

To help you get started in buying and saving for KPop merchandise (merch), here is an easy guide:


There are two types of KPop merch – official and unofficial goods. The former is released by the KPop star’s entertainment company. Official merch includes albums, photo books, lightsticks, concert items, and DVDs. A percentage of the sales will go straight to your idols. The latter is usually cheaper than the former. The unofficial goods are fan made and will support the fans’ small businesses. Unofficial goods include fanarts printed on shirts, mugs, stationery items, and keychains.


Always keep a lookout for discounts on shops that offer KPop merchandise. Start by scanning online to see whether these stores have posted their recent promotions and events on their websites and social media pages. You can also inquire locally by asking physical merchants whether they have an upcoming promotion. Compare their rates to Singapore marketplaces to ensure that you get the best deals.


KPop merchandise is available on international websites such as Amazon and YesAsia. Items are also available in physical stores such as Infinity Kpop (City Gate) and House of Kpop (Orchard Road). You must first identify the merchandise that you are looking for. Then, do your research on the prices offered by the physical and online stores. Choosing the cheapest places to purchase your desired items will help you save a considerable amount of cash.


If you are planning to purchase the newest album by ENHYPEN or NewJeans, allot a specific budget by planning ahead. To avoid using your credit cards or borrowing money that is not yet in your hands, you can save up for the coveted item.

For instance, you are expecting that you’ll be getting your salary in a few days, so you decided to pre-order the merchandise and pay for it later. Once you receive your salary, you may experience cash shortage because of your fixed expenses. Having a plan helps avoid overspending and debts.


Marketers want you to spend money by targeting their ads to the people who are able to shell out their cash in Kpop merchandise. They have this mentality of: “Don’t go broke but also buy, buy, buy.” It is the marketing department’s job to sell you items, even if you do not need them. So, do your best to resist the marketing traps.

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If your savings are not enough to fund your attendance at all the concerts or your eagerness to collect all your idol’s albums, do not let the marketers sway you. Find price-comparison websites to get the best deals before purchasing goods featuring BTS, Jessi, BLANKPINK, and so on.

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BTS Meal To Launch In Singapore On June 21

In 2013, a South Korean boy group called BTS or 방탄소년단 debuted under Big Hit Entertainment (HYBE Corporation). The group smoothly made its way to the hearts of many and had since become a global icon.

With smash hits like Dynamite and Butter, BTS made its way to the No. 1 spot on the Billboard Global 200. In fact, its newly released song Butter blasted with a record-breaking 289.2 million streams and 249,000 sold worldwide in the May 21-27 tracking week.

Another surprise came earlier this year as McDonald’s promoted the “BTS Meal”. BTS Meal went on sale in South Korea, United States, and 10 other countries last May 2021. This meal consists of a 10-piece Chicken McNuggets, Medium Fries, Coke, and two new dipping sauces. These new flavors are Sweet Chili and Cajun. The packaging for the BTS Meal comes in purple and was printed with the group’s logo.


As BTS’ popularity skyrocketed, there have been concerns that the launch of the meal could draw crowds in some Asian countries where COVID-19 cases have risen and where vaccination levels remain relatively low.

McDonald’s was instructed to temporarily shut some outlets in Indonesia last week when the introduction of the BTS Meal sparked frenzy. Several delivery riders were seen massing inside and outside of the food chain during the meal’s launching. Their local police said that the temporary closure of several outlets was “because they were found to have violated health protocols”, including limiting capacity to 50%.

Thus, Indonesian fans created a crowdfunding page to raise money for drivers and their families. They have acknowledged that the delivery drivers faced long lines and possible exposure to the COVID-19 to bring them their meals.


Due to the tightening of social distancing rules and the ban on dine-in options, the meal’s rollout in Singapore was delayed last month. The launch was re-scheduled to June 21 instead. Please adhere to the safety procedures when scoring your coveted meal.

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Fans must know that the BTS Meal does not come with photo cards or other related merchandise. Instead, you can order the collaboration’s official BTS x McDonald’s merch at HYBE Merch.

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Airbnb x K-pop: Exclusive Online Experiences festival to meet stars like MONSTA X, The Boyz & Jamie

Airbnb exclusive Online Experiences K-pop festival

Want an up-close encounter with your favourite K-pop stars? Thanks to Airbnb’s exclusive Online Experiences festival, you will get the chance to interact with some of the hottest celebrities in Korea without having to fly there.

Bookings will be available from Thursday, 21 January, starting at 7am (Singapore time). With more than 10 over K-pop experiences priced from just S$27, we’ve picked out some Online Experiences that you will love.

#1: Enter a mukbang with Joohoney & I.M of MONSTA X
Joohoney & I.M of MONSTA X

Image Credits: AllKpop

Date: Monday, 25 January

Time: 9am to 10am

Hosted in: English

Join the lead rappers of MONSTA X in this one-hour mukbang adventure. Mukbang (written as 먹방 in Korean) literally translates to “eat room”. By joining this “eating show” with Joohoney and I.M, you will get a glimpse of Korea’s convenience store food. They will share with you their unique convenience store food recipes and selected Korean seasonal dishes. Feel free to bring along your snacks to munch on during the experience.

#2: Make beaded bracelets with The Boyz
The Boyz

Image Credits: Soompi

Date: Monday, 25 January

Time: 12pm to 1pm

Hosted in: English

Are you trying to find an activity to rid you of the recent stress and anxiety build-up? Bring along your beading DIY kit and join Jacob, Kevin, Ju Haknyeon, and Eric from The Boyz in this lunchtime session. This is your chance to chat with the members that debuted in December 2017. The Boyz is also the winner of a television programme named “Road to Kingdom” that aired last year.

#3: Cravity invites you to their recipe-sharing session
Cravity members

Image Credits: Metro

Date: Monday, 25 January

Time: 3pm to 4pm

Hosted in: Korean

If you can understand and speak in Korean, why not join Cravity in their one-hour recipe-sharing session? Members of the boy group like Woobin, Allen, Seongmin, and Hyeongjun will be your hosts of the Airbnb Online Experience! Along with their guidance, you will be preparing a Korean dish called Gungjung Tteokbokki (written as 궁중떡볶이 in Korean). The delicacy that’s usually prepared with soy sauce instead of red chilli paste/gochujang will transport you to the royal palace during the Joseon dynasty.

#4: Nail your K-beauty routine with Jamie
Jamie Park

Image Credits: Koreaboo

Date: Wednesday, 27 January

Time: 9am to 10am

Hosted in: English

Fans of all things Korea might be familiar with the multi-seasonal South Korean television series titled “K-Pop Star’. If yes, the name “Park Jimin” might ring a bell. Widely known to the public as Jamie now, she’s the show’s first season proud winner. Jamie will guide you in her daily skincare routine and show you her favourite make-up look. This is not just a step-by-step guide but also a highly interactive session where you can ask questions and have them answered!

Other Korean make-up related Airbnb Online Experiences:

#5: Join Handong in a private Airbnb photoshoot
Handong of Dreamcatcher

Image Credits: Soompi

Date: Wednesday, 27 January

Time: 6pm to 7pm

Hosted in: Chinese (simplified)

Chinese New Year is around the corner, and this means there will be plenty of photo-taking opportunities. Want to appear more photogenic? Learn how to ace your facial expressions, plus learn valuable tips on gestures and the right postures to take. You will be hosted by Handong, a Chinese member of a South Korean girl group – Dreamcatcher. Here’s an opportunity to take a sneak peek at a live photoshoot and behind-the-scenes action.

For gentlemen who can understand Japanese, please check this out:

#6: Enjoy a concert with K-pop singer-songwriter, NIve

Image Credits: The Hype Magazine

Date: Thursday, 28 January

Time: 12pm to 1pm

Hosted in: English

NIve (written as 니브 in Korean) is a producer, composer, and songwriter with a diverse international background. He was born in Korea, raised in Australia, musically educated in New York, and launched his career in LA. NIve has worked with many renowned celebrities, including BTS and EXO. Potential singer-songwriter wannabes should take it from the man himself on songwriting and composition tips.

#7: Learn to style hair like a K-pop idol

Image Credits: ALUU

Date: Thursday, 28 January

Time: 4pm to 5pm

Hosted in: English & Korean

K-pop stars always appear in tiptop condition on commercials, fashion shows, and professional photoshoots. Those who are keen to know the industry secrets on the art of hairstyling and products used by Korean hairstylists should join Yonghan from 알루 (ALUU) in this 60-minute online session. 알루 (ALUU) is located in Seoul’s most upscale district – Gangnam. Here’s a look at their portfolio of stars they’ve styled thus far.

Ladies who are keen on the tricks of maintaining your bangs should book this session:

#8: Master dance moves from IZ*ONE’s choreographer
Freemind dance crew's Dasom

Image Credits: Airbnb

Date: Friday, 29 January

Time: 12pm to 1pm

Hosted in: English & Korean

You will be learning directly from Dasom, a choreographer for girl group IZ*ONE. The Korean-Japanese K-pop group was formed in 2018 through a competition show titled “Produce 48”, which is also the third season of “Produce 101”. Your host is part of the Freemind dance crew and has created several dance routines for well-known artistes such as Monsta X and Cravity. See for yourself how dance routines come alive, including the derivation of inspiration.

Here are other dance classes to consider:

Have a blast at Airbnb’s exclusive Online Experiences K-pop festival. One week only, don’t miss it!