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4 Things to Consider Before Applying For An Educational Loan

Tertiary Education and Graduate Studies can be too costly especially to people who live by one cost at a time without any savings plan what so ever. On the other hand, just because a bank tells you that you are qualified and approved for an education loan does not mean taking it is a good idea. Here are 4 Things to Consider Before Applying For An Educational Loan: 1. EDUCATE YOURSELF Before applying for any education loan, it is tantamount


Lifestyle & Hobbies

6 Ways to Save Money as a Triathlete

Combining running, swimming, and biking gear expenses…some people spend more in competing for Triathlons than others. If you will adopt these 6 Simple Ways, you may significantly lower your financial expense of training and joining in triathlons. 1. EXPLORE YOUR CHOICES Don’t just rely on the sports shops in the malls that sell Triathlon gear, also explore good prices in the Internet such as: Bike Plus Singapore, Ebay, Amazon,Treknology Bikes 3 Singapore, and Carousell. Online stores have sales and clearance