Doraemon Donuts EZ-Link card now available for $10 each

Donut lovers and Doraemon fans, rejoice! Introducing the whimsical and delightful Doraemon Donuts EZ-Link card, now available for just $10 each (no top-up value). This limited-edition card is set to bring a sprinkle of joy to your daily commute and a smile to your face every time you tap.

Where to Get Yours

These charming cards are available at all EZ-Link vending machines located in shopping malls. Simply visit your nearest vending machine, and for just $10, you can add this delightful card to your collection. It’s not just a functional EZ-Link card; it’s a piece of art that brightens up your day!


Doraemon Plush SimplyGo EZ-Link charm now available for $24.90

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Step into a world where your daily commutes are not just about getting from point A to B, but about reliving cherished memories and creating new ones. Introducing the Doraemon Plush SimplyGo EZ-Link charm, your newest travel companion, available now for just $24.90.

Rush to your nearest Challenger store and grab this charm for $24.90 (note: no load value). It’s more than just a purchase; it’s a small investment in bringing a little joy to your everyday routine.

Don’t forget to perform a top-up at a Self-Service Top-Up Machine to activate your charm before pairing it with the EZ-Link app.
Learn more about SimplyGo EZ-Link’s amazing benefits at
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Doraemon Tokyo Banana from Japan now available for pre-order at 7-Eleven

Get ready for a taste of Japan like never before with the exclusive Doraemon Tokyo Banana, available for pre-order at your favorite 7-Eleven store.

From October 16th to 22nd, 2023, secure your own delectable piece of Japanese confectionery heaven and elevate your snack game to new heights. With collection starting on October 24th, 2023, you won’t have to wait long to savor this incredible treat.

How to Preorder:

  1. Visit your nearest 7-Eleven store between October 16th and 22nd, 2023.
  2. Request the exclusive Doraemon Tokyo Banana pre-order.
  3. Secure your order with a great discount – 2 for $50. (U.P. $27 for 1)
  4. Get ready to enjoy your delightful Japanese snack from October 24th, 2023.

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Limited edition Doraemon Bowl in 4 designs now available in Singapore

Doraemon fans, check this out.

This September, bring home a free limited edition Doraemon Bowl worth $19.90! Banded on pack with 3 tubes of Darlie toothpaste, they come in four charming designs – Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter – and their ear-like handles make them easy to hold, eliminating the worry of touching hot surfaces.

Available at participating outlets:

E-Commerce Stores:

  1. FairPrice Online
  2. Redmart
  3. Darlie Official Shopee Official
  4. Darlie Official Lazada Store

Physical Stores:

Selected Supermarkets outlets/ Stores

  1. FairPrice
  2. Sheng Siong
  3. Giant
  4. Cold Storage
  5. Prime

Don’t miss out; check them out today at your nearest stores!


Solvil et Titus Unveils Limited Edition “Doraemon” Watch Series From 6 July 23

Good news if you are a big Doraemon fan.

The Solvil et Titus brand will be introducing a limited edition timepiece collection inspired by the beloved Doraemon character. This collection pays homage to the heartwarming friendship between Doraemon, Nobita, Shizuka, Takeshi, and Suneo. The limited edition collection will be launched online on the 6th of July at 12 PM.

The series features six captivating designs, each dedicated to one of the main characters and their treasured possessions from the story. The watches showcase iconic items like the “Bamboo Copter,” “Anywhere Door,” “Time Machine,” and “Love Arrow.” These treasures hold their own allure, captivating the imagination of children and evoking nostalgic memories for generations.

You can purchase them online or at their retail store located in Takashimaya from 6th July.

Perse Collection “Doraemon” Limited-Edition Ceramic Watches


Perse Collection “Doraemon” Limited-Edition Midnight Blue Ceramic Bracelet Watch
(Limited to 300 pieces)


Perse Collection “Doraemon” Limited-Edition Light Rose Gold Ceramic Bracelet Watch
(Limited to 200 pieces)

Aspira Collection “Doraemon” Limited Edition Mechanical Skeleton Watches


Aspira Collection “Doraemon” Limited-Edition Mechanical Skeleton
(Limited to 200 pieces)


Aspira Collection “Doraemon” Limited-Edition Midnight Blue Mechanical Skeleton
(Limited to 200 pieces)

Aspira Collection “Doraemon” Limited Edition Multi-function Watch


Aspira Collection “Doraemon” Limited-Edition Multi-Function Watch
(Limited to 600 pieces)

Once Collection “Doraemon” Limited Edition Watches


Once Collection “Doraemon” Limited-Edition Light Gold Mesh Band Watch
(Limited to 300 pieces)


Once Collection “Doraemon” Limited-Edition Leather Watch
(Limited to 300 pieces)

Modernist Collection “Doraemon” Limited Edition Chronograph Watches


Modernist Collection “Doraemon” Blue Stainless Steel Chronograph Watch
(Limited to 500 pieces)


Modernist Collection “Doraemon” Black Stainless Steel Chronograph Watch
(Limited to 500 pieces)

Nordic Tale Collection “Doraemon” Limited Edition Watches


Nordic Tale Collection “Doraemon” Blue Leather Watch
(Limited to 350 pieces)


Nordic Tale Collection “Doraemon” Light Gold Mesh Band Watch
(Limited to 350 pieces)

The Solvil et Titus “Doraemon” Limited Edition Watch includes a certificate with a unique serial number for authenticity, an exclusive Doraemon watch box, a Doraemon printed tote bag, and a watch cleaning cloth.

This limited edition collection is available: