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Send Out More Love Than Money With 4 Couple Saving Tips

When it comes to love, some people go all out just to make their partners smile. However, dating with a limited budget can sometimes be stressful and embarrassing. Not anymore! Manifest your affection in these budget-friendly ways: 1. AVOID UNNECESSARY CELEBRATIONS Some couples are fond of “weeksaries and monthsaries”. That weekly or monthly celebrations can accumulate to a huge sum of money by the time the year ends! Save cash and still do something unforgettable by having an anniversary celebration



Cost-Effective Gifts Your Special Someone Would Really Want

You do not have to splurge so much to give your boyfriend or girlfriend a really great gift. Explore your options and budget with these gift ideas… 1. EVENING OUT AT THE THEATRE Making unforgettable memories is important in a lasting relationship. No matter how far in advance the show is, if you think she is into it then, buy the tickets. This way, you two will have a date night to look forward too. Eventbrite Singapore showcases a list