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Do these things to bring down your cost of living

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The term “cost of living” can be translated as the money needed to uphold our current lifestyle habits. When finances are on a stretch, lowering the cost of living can weigh heavily on our minds. If you’re ready to hit the pause button on your spendings or make lifestyle changes because of a recent job loss or pay cut, that’s not impossible. Try doing these things to bring down your cost of living. Move to a smaller home Downgrading can



4 Ways To Significantly Decrease Your Living Costs In Singapore

According to Investopedia, “Cost of Living” is the amount needed to sustain a certain level of living that includes basic expenses such as food, taxes, housing, and healthcare. This factor can make a difference especially if your salary is sustained in an expensive city such as ours. Your salary can go further at a developing city but it may barely go buy at a developed one. Logically, it is important to take measures that help you decrease the costs. Start


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Hey Globetrotter! How Much Is Your Money Worth Around The World?

Has your strong desire to travel been itching you these past several weeks? Is your schedule free enough for you to travel at least 3 days away? If all your answers point to “YES” then, it is time to give in to your wanderlust! As you let your heart decide which country you shall go next, it is paramount to understand the value of your money and the cost of living dynamics. These said information would help you build the


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How Much Will It Cost To Live in USA, Singapore, Australia or Italy?

Cost of living is the total expense of maintaining a standard of living in a certain country. This changes over time and is often operationalized in a cost of living index. In this chart is the comparison of the cost of living of four countries namely: United States of America, Australia, Singapore, and Italy.   Clothing And Shoes Ave. (in SGD) USA SG AUS ITALY 1 Pair of Jeans (Levis) 54.95 111.92 111.35 129.67 1 Summer Dress in a Chain