Surefire Ways To Save Money As A First Time Parent

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Congratulations on becoming a new parent! Welcoming another human being into this world can change your life in many ways. Most of these changes are for the better. While, some changes are challenges too.

I am referring to the hefty price tag attached to child-bearing and child-rearing. You have to spend about S$8,000 to S$18,000 a year for that.

You read that right! You will be spending five figures on groceries, clothes, toys, diapers, hospital visits, and daycare. With a growing list of expenses, you must rethink how to manage your financial life after having a baby. Here are some tips to help you out:


You and your partner have had a working budget for years. And this household budget seem to work fine. However, you have to reset your budget once the baby comes. Your pooled incomes, savings, and investments shall cover your child’s expenses.

Begin by saving for the delivery by taking up Medisave’s Maternity Package. Using Medisave for childbirth can help offset the cost of your hefty delivery. Roughly, you can claim about S$450 per day on hospital stay, S$900 on prenatal expenses, and S$750 to over S$2000 on surgical procedure.

For instance, you wife had a Cesarean delivery and was hospitalized for two days, you will be able to claim about S$900 on prenatal expenses, S$900 on hospital stay, and S$2,150 on surgical procedure. This sums to about S$3950 worth of claims.


It comes as no surprise that education will take a huge toll in your expenses for the years to come. Thus, setting up an education fund for your beloved can help you in the long run. While taking up an education loan is always an option, the cost of schooling gets higher each year. You must start saving money along with the arrival of your little one.

A scenario close to my heart is the effects of my uncle’s death. My uncle is the breadwinner and his son has not yet finished his schooling. As he continue his secondary education, he finds it difficult to fuel his financial resources. If only my uncle set up an education fund beforehand!

Saving up for your child’s education can cushion potential financial bumps. This way, your child will not have to compromise his or her education.


Along with the trends of minimalism and sustainable living comes the existence of the capsule wardrobe. A capsule wardrobe enables to the owner to keep key pieces that he or she can mix and match in the years to come. The only challenge when it comes to toddler is that they grow up so fast!

Matching outfits or assorted clothing can be adorable to look at! However, your infant does not need twenty sets of outfits! He or she will grow out of these clothes faster than you can post about it on Instagram. Thus, you must limit your child’s wardrobe. Allow a set of basic items with interchangeable colors and patterns to full your drawer. You do not want to spend on designer clothing that your child will surely ruin with stains and other mishaps!

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Here are just some ways to save money as a first time parent. Make it a habit to check children’s websites and forums for ways to create your own baby food or to conduct your own reading class. Nothing is impossible with a little determination from a parent!

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