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While the majority of us are out and about during phase two, it’s still important to abide by the rules. Rather than keeping to hearsay, it’s wiser to refer to authentic news sources. Here’s all you need to know as we’re a week into phase two.

And of course, that’s not the aim of today’s article. For those who are still staying home as much as you can, thank you. We appreciate you being careful towards Singapore’s reopening of the economy. Hence, we’ve searched on a couple of online courses by the People’s Association (PA) you can attend in July. Better still, you can get 2% off the course fees if you register online from now till 31 March 2021! Here are some courses below 15 SGD. All prices shown are after discount.


Date: 11 July 2020

Time: 9am to 10am

Public fee: 4.90 SGD

Get your heart pumping with an hour session of piloxing via Zoom. As the name suggests, it is a type of exercise involving a mixture of pilates and boxing. Let the team from Nawal Haddad Fitness lead you in this cardio-heavy workout that’s bound to work up a sweat! For more details, please refer to the course page.


Date: Several dates throughout July to August 2020

Time: Varies across sessions

Public fee: 9.80 SGD

Health Qigong is a type of mind body exercise (MBE). It uses repeatable physical movements and is not a physically strenuous activity. Thus, Health Qigong makes a suitable exercise for the elderly to take part in. Think of it as the Chinese version of yoga, just less intense.

Health Qigong

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If your parents or grandparents aren’t tech-savvy, how about signing them up for one or a few sessions? We saw a couple of dates available throughout July and August 2020. Click through these links for easy sign-ups:

Or simply search for ‘Health Qigong (Online)’ via onePA’s website for other available dates.


Date: Several dates throughout July to August 2020

Time: Varies across sessions

Public fee: free to 14.70 SGD

I’ve personally tried Zumba before. Not going to lie, it wasn’t easy for my very first session. The hand-leg coordination was my roadblock. If you’re a perfectionist like I am, then it will be really stressful wanting to master the dance moves. But that’s not the point! I’ve learnt how to feel the music, let go, and have fun during Zumba sessions. You can too!

There’s one free session coming right up on 1 July 2020. Registration closes on 28 June 2020 so fastest fingers first. Here are the next available dates:

You can also search for other available dates in August using this keyword: ‘Zumba® Gold (Online)’.

There are also other free online courses on selected dates. If you’re keen to check them out, click through these links:

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