PastaMania: Pasta/Baked Rice AND 16oz Soft Drink for $8 (From Sept 9 2015)

Pastamania 8

PastaMania’s 8-for-$8 lunchtime deal is back.

Featuring 5 new pasta choices and 3 baked rice dishes, you are spoilt for choices.

Enjoy your pasta or baked rice with a 16oz soft drink for just $8.

Choose from the following:

Cheesy Crumble Chicken Ham

  1. Chicken Bolognese
  2. Chicken Cheese Salsiccia
  3. Marinara
  4. Beef Meatballs
  5. Chicken Han and Sausage Baked Rice
  6. Dory Baked Rice
  7. Mushroom Baked Rice

Valid on weekdays from 11am – 2pm. (excluding public holidays)

Available at all PastaMania outlets in Singapore.

Pastamania 8 Ad

For PastaMania’s store locator, click here.

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