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Newbie’s Survival Guide To Working From Home

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There are two types of perspectives that one can have about freelancers. Some people perceive working from home as a coveted dream. They are attracted with the idea of having to work in their pajamas, of avoid the long commute, and of being able to interact with their family without sacrificing income. In contrast, there are other people who view this setup as an impossible environment to be in. It is understandable! Working from home comes with varying degrees of challenges.

However, you must not lose hope. You can successfully transition from a traditional office to a flexible environment with the right strategies. That being said, here are just some tips that you may employ to transition with ease.


Much like a traditional workplace, you must follow a daily schedule to stay on track. Set your working hours and avoid personal phone calls or emails that can distract you from your professional time.

Let us face it! It is easy to get swayed by your children or neighbors to work any time of the day. While starting at 10 am sounds exciting, you must manage your time wisely to keep your sanity in tact. Not everyone is hardwired to be well-organized and self-sufficient. So, be honest with yourself before you take this huge leap.


It goes without saying that you must set aside a specific place exclusively for work. Whether it is as tiny as a storage room or as wide as your master bedroom, assigning a working nest will help your mind shift from its restful state to its stimulated state. You need to condition your mind to work despite being in your comfort zone.

More so, you may use your home office as a means to apply for formal records. You see, some institutions require you to assign a special place of business or a place to meet clients.


As mechanic as day to day seems, we are no robots! Burnout can hit you at any moment. This is why you must plan your holidays. Whether you want to book a food trip in Bangkok or a Yoga retreat in Bali, you deserve to unwind.

Say you do not have the budget to travel overseas. Opt to schedule activities that will allow self-improvement instead. You may be interested in painting, pottery, or petting animals. Something that interests you can open avenues of pleasure in the future. Take it as a means to reduce the stress of being a freelancer.


Last but the not the least, you must set a line between your “work-work” and your “housework”. It can be tempting to clean a dirty sink or to do the laundry, but you must do these chores outside your work hours. If you cannot fight the urge to do housework; you may use your break time. Blurring the line between work and housework can often lead to avoiding the tasks that need to be done.

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It can be scary to take the leap of faith. However, that fear will only make you stronger! What do we say to fear? Not today!

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