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Muah Chee Boy: Homemade muah chee in unique flavours like matcha, black sesame, chocolate, and pandan kaya

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No pasar malam? No problem. The new local business is here to save us from our muah chee cravings. But, even better. This is because there are unique flavours like matcha, black sesame, chocolate, and pandan kaya to choose from. For those who are team originals, the original flavour is available too. Let’s dive straight into the new name in town – Muah Chee Boy.

Madam Goh of Muah Chee Boy

Image Credits: 8Days

The chef is a 60-year old lady named Madam Goh Ka Hua. Together with her two daughters, the Chua sisters, they started their home-based business in mid-May this year.

Their muah chee cravings during the circuit breaker inspired them to make their own. Can you believe that prior to the business, Madam Goh never made muah chee before? When she first started, she referred to videos online but couldn’t get the consistency of the dough right. It was only after much tweaking that they found the golden ratio. And thank God, they did!

The brand name, Muah Chee Boy, is actually named after Madam Goh’s grandson, who loves his grandma’s muah chee to bits and pieces. That’s him on the box:

Muah Chee Boy box

Image Credits: 8Days


The average muah chee consists of sesame oil, pork lard / shallot oil, glutinous rice flour and water. As for Madam Goh’s version, she uses sunflower oil instead of pork lard / shallot oil. While they are aware that pork lard / shallot oil makes the muah chee more fragrant, they wanted to make theirs a vegetarian-friendly local delight. Part of the reason also being they have friends who don’t eat shallots.

If you’re worried about a different taste, don’t. The roasted peanut topping will do enough justice to give you the yummy muah chee experience you’re looking for.

Muah Chee Boy flavours

Image Credits: 8Days

Muah Chee Boy currently has five flavours: Original (3 SGD), Pandan Kaya (5 SGD), Chocolate (5 SGD), Black Sesame (6 SGD), and Matcha (6 SGD). You can also mix and match flavours in the yuan yang option for 6 SGD.

According to the Chua sisters, the Original, Pandan Kaya, and Black Sesame are their best-sellers. While their Chocolate flavour is popular among kids. In addition to the current offerings, you may look forward to a cheese-flavoured muah chee soon! It’s currently work-in-progress.

Muah Chee Boy DIY option

Image Credits: 8Days

Muah Chee Boy also has a DIY home kit series from 12 SGD for 300g to 30 SGD for 1kg. This is great because you can store the muah chee in the fridge for up to three days. When you’re ready to eat, just cut out the portion you need and steam it for about 10 minutes. After that, pour yourself a generous portion of peanuts and snip it into bite-size goodness for the whole family!

#5: MENU

Ready to place an order? Here’s a look at their full menu:

Muah Chee Boy full menu

Image Credits: Muah Chee Boy

Muah Chee Boy is also currently running a special promotion from now till 31 July 2020. Simply buy any two DIY Muah Chee Home Kit (any flavour) and get one DIY Muah Chee Home Kit – 300g (Original) for free (worth $12)!

Head to their Facebook page for more details.


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