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Mind-Blowing Facts About Valentine’s Day

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It may only come once a year, but Valentine’s Day is one of the most celebrated holidays around the world! How did it become so popular? From its dark origins to its romantic twists, here are seven interesting facts about Valentine’s Day.


Amidst the wide array of historical theories as to why Valentine’s Day came about, many people have accepted one theory. There was a time when men were not allowed to marry. Emperor Claudius II forbade couples to marry during wartime. However, Bishop Valentine’s passionate heart was against his wishes. He performed numerous secret weddings. As you may have guessed, he was jailed and executed.

The last letter he wrote was for the jailer’s daughter and he signed it with the words: “from your Valentine”. The rest is history!


One of my favorite movie characters was quoted saying: “life is like a box of chocolates, you will never know what you are going to get.” In the uncertainty of life, you can count of chocolates being greatly sold during Valentine’s Day. When did this tradition started?

The giving of boxes of chocolates started in the 19th century by Richard Cadbury. The name sounds familiar, right? Coming from a British family who manufactured chocolates, Richard used a new technique to create a variety of products. He sold chocolates as a part of this beloved holiday.

In Singapore, different types of chocoholics can delight on this list of the best chocolates in town!


Valentine’s Day is considered as a marketing event in almost all parts of the world. In America alone, people spend an estimate of US$18.2 billion a year on this holiday.

What’s more? Men seem to spend more money than women. Should we step up our game, ladies? Kidding aside, you may use this opportunity to offer deals that cater to couples.


Sweetheart candies or heart-shaped candies with adorable texts have been a staple in the aisles of many grocery stores every February 14th. The iconic chalky dessert started out as lozenges.

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Pharmacist and inventor Oliver Chase created a machine that would quickly create lozenges. He later switched his product to candies known as the Necco Wafers. In 1866, his brother came up with the idea of printing messages on the candies. Afterwards, he made it heart-shaped to appeal to the couples during Valentine’s Day. Once again, the rest is history!


For centuries, the diaper-clad baby with adorable wings and a set of bow and arrow has been associated with Valentine’s Day. Before Cupid got its name, he was known as Eros. Eros is derived from the ancient Greeks’ mythology – the God of Love.

His arrows are interesting! Said arrows have meanings – one was made for love and one was made for hate. These were designed to manipulate the emotions of his targets. The Romans soon adopted the story and Eros or Cupid gained the childlike appearance he is known for today.


Love can be expressed in many ways. It comes as no surprise that many choose to express it through intimacy. In February, condom sales seem to rise up. Around Valentine’s Day, sales are almost 20% to 30% higher in America alone. What comes next is the apparent rise of self-administered pregnancy tests. These tests are sold more in March than any other month.


Who says that February 14th should only be celebrated by couples? Singletons do not have to stay at home to have during this time. You can surf the net to hang out at the best places in Singapore. Make sure you bring your favorite guy or gal pals along as you attend the following Anti-Valentine’s Day events.


Do not feel sad about being alone on Valentine’s Day as you can surround yourself with a group of energetic people at Valentine Vendetta. Running for 8 years now, Valentine Vendetta aims to provide an array of exciting activities and fun games to encourage social interaction. What’s more? Lucky guests can win up to S$2,500 or a trip to The Farm at San Benito in Manila. Tickets are sold at S$25 and are inclusive of a drink.

WHEN: FEBRUARY 14th at 6:30 PM onward


Skip the sight of mushy couples exchanging gifts by heading to Hustle Co. A bar nestled at Tanjong Pagar can give you the haven you need in a time like this. Single ladies and men can enjoy S$6.90 craft beers and affordable dinner items. Anti-Valentine’s Valentine’s Day sounds like great event for all the singles out there!

WHEN: FEBRUARY 14th at 9:00 AM onward

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As you can see, Valentine’s Day was not always celebrated with a box of chocolates and heart-shaped candies! Things go deeper than that.

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