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Why The Local Telecoms Are Ceasing The Sales Of Samsung Galaxy Note7

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Before its release, people have been clamoring over the great possibilities that the Samsung Galaxy Note7 can bring. Its innovative design focuses on offering better usage with the dual-curved screen and shaping a comfortable grip with the 5.7-inch unit. Continuing the legacy of the preceding Galaxy phones, the latest Note7 along with the S Pen is waterproof. The privacy features went up a notch with the “iris scanning”. The improvements did not stop there!

Samsung came up with a larger battery that minimizes the charging speed and expands the longevity of the phone. However, this turn out to bring more problems than solutions. The battery of several Note7 units all over the world either bloated or exploded. In UAE alone, the Consumer Protection Depart at the Ministry of Economy has removed about 19,000 faulty Note7 off the market.

To control the damage and to address the gravity of the situation, Samsung has taken the full responsibility by issuing prompt recall of these units. All the local telecoms adhered and they ceased the sales of the device. This is followed by the introduction of an exchange program.

As the name suggests, customers who can exchange their defective units from September 16 to October 2. Given that these said customers purchased their Note7 from any local telecom operators, authorized mobile retailers, Samsung Experience Stores, Samsung’s Lazada Singapore online store, and major electronic shops. Self-collection of the new devices in the same color is done by visiting the Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre or by having it shipped in your home.

If you are eager to get your defective unit exchanged, follow these simple steps:

1. Go to and enter a preferred collection time slot. This link will only be live on Friday (September 9, 2016).

2. Booking period begins from September 9 and extends until September 25. Register yourself if you are eligible for the replacement.

3. You shall return your Note7 afterwards. Worry not about having no means of communication as courtesy devices will be available for loan while you wait for a better unit of Note7.

4. If deemed to be qualified, your warranty period will be extended to commence from the date of the exchange.


May these information ease your worries about your newly purchased Note7!

Source: Vulcan Post

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