How To Start Investing With S$100 A Month

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Oh, adulting! It comes in a slate of responsibilities thrown at a person all at the same time. To survive the challenges of life, one must establish a healthy savings plan. Long-term savings include having an insurance policy, a good credit score, and an emergency fund. Many people grow their savings thru investing.

Investing is an overwhelming idea for many Singaporeans as they perceive it to be expensive. Few people outside the financial industry have thought of investing their money for themselves. However, you do not need to have S$10,000 or more to start investing. You can grow your wealth with just S$100 per month.

Here are some strategies that you may apply.


It comes as no surprise that one advantage of making small invest regularly is that you are not trying to time the market. Instead, you are relying on your money’s “time in the market”. This is important because stocks have their ups and downs, but their prices tend to increase as time passes. This is a strategy known as dollar-cost averaging, which will average out the cost of share purchases in a period of time.

For as little as S$100 a month, you may start investing in DBS Invest-Saver as it allows you to buy an Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) that mirrors the performance of the Singapore stock market or a bond ETF.


One of the most affordable ways to get inside the Singapore Exchange (SGX) is through Regular Shares Savings (RSS) plans. RSS can be opened with the help of a local brokerage firm or bank.

The broker of the financial institution will invest a fixed amount of money every month based on your instructions or financial capabilities. For instance, you may choose to invest S$100 each month into the Straits Times Index (STI) Exchange Traded Fund (ETF).

Control is one of the best parts of RSS plans. If you wish to invest money in different companies each month, you may do so. If you wish to stop investing in a company each month, you may do so. Simply instruct your broker and adjust your monthly investments. Some financial institutions allow you to take control of your RSS plan through online platforms.


If you prefer to have someone else control your investments then, you may choose to invest in unit trusts. Unit trusts work by collecting money from many investors. A professional fund manager will take this pool of money and grow it following a specific investment strategy. It is a collective investment, which is why you do not have personal control over the individual components of the investment portfolio.

A common misconception about investing thru unit trusts is that you do not need to do anything. This is not true! As an investor, you must do your research before deciding which unit trusts you wish to invest in. By doing your research, you will know that both DBS and OCBC unit trusts allow you to either invest a lump sum of S$1,000 or S$100 per month.

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Good luck with your investment journey!

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