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How To Deal With Friends Who Are Big Spenders

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With about 183,737 millionaires and over a thousand of insanely rich people in Singapore, you will come across some big spenders in your lifetime. Some of these people may be considered as your friends. How can you socialize with these people, if you cannot spend money as freely as they can?


When you are surrounded with rich friends who love to splurge, it is understandable to feel envious at times. However, you must not linger excessively on this thought. The mere act of comparison can exhaust your energy. Constantly comparing what you have or what you do not have can contribute to your attitude towards money.

You must accept the fact that you are not as wealthy as your friends. What’s more? Keeping up with them can be detrimental to your finances. Apply the Negative Visualization exercise instead. Negative visualization entails imagining what will happen to your life if you have nothing. How can you survive without a job or without a spouse to support you? Doing this exercise will make you realize how blessed you truly are.


While your friends may be fulfilled with every swipe of their plastic cards, this may not be the case for you. Resist overspending by avoiding temptations. Opt for entertaining activities that do not require you to break the bank.

Outdoor activities such as cycling or hiking require little money to release some happy hormones (i.e., endorphins). You may also book a yoga class or a trip to the museum. Have a cup of coffee or tea afterwards.

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Do your best to enjoy intimate and inexpensive settings that will take spending off the table. Indulging in fancy restaurants or spa appointments occasionally is perfectly fine. These are some of life’s pleasures that are worth paying for, anyway.


Economically speaking, there is a considerable division between you and your affluent friends. They may be capable to cover your expenses but, you should never ask them to do so. Only accept their help during special occasions.

If they offer to lend you some cash, contemplate on whether you can pay them back or not. Discuss the payment procedures and terms surrounding it. Do not feel bad if your friend suddenly takes back the offer. Ultimately, you must not take advantage of someone’s generosity.

When all is said and done, try to give something simple in return. You may present a token of your gratitude or treat him or her out to a delicious meal.


If you are constantly hanging out with big spenders, you need to be transparent with them. It is easy to talk about current events or Korean bands, but it is challenging to discuss about money. Even the best of friends can be drive apart due to money matters. Few people can openly admit that they cannot afford something. Feelings of shame can take over.

While spending money is typically associated with power, your wallet will thank you after being open to your affluent friends. Tell them that you cannot afford another hundred-dollar dinner two nights in a row. Genuine friends will back off once you let them know that you cannot spend money as freely as they can.


Genuine friendships focus on the relationships between people rather than their net worth. Your income or capacity to generate money does not define your identity. If your friends belittle you because of your financial limitations, then you must reconsider your relationships with them. Is it healthier to disconnect? Is it better find friends who are more accepting of your financial situation? Ponder on these. Remember that genuine friends will help you rise up, and not drag you down!

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It may be difficult to rebuild your relationships at first, but you are always better off hanging out with friends who do not rub their wealth in your face. Surround yourself with people who will serve as your financial inspirations. Learn and ask tips from them regarding management of cash flow, investment portfolio, and business.

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