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How To Create Abundance In Your Life

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In observation of quarantine or social distancing, I joined a Meditation group. This group highlighted the importance of visualizing abundance in your life. Abundance, according to the Cambridge dictionary, can be defined as a situation in which there is more than enough of something. Your perception of abundance depends on your currency. Is owning several cars your definition of abundance? Or, perhaps abundance comes from being able to provide for your family?

Bringing abundance into your life is more than a game of chance. Instead, it is about creating the life you desire. Here are some guidelines for actively creating abundance.


Begin the day with thanksgiving. Be thankful for all the blessing you already have and the simple acts of kindness that you receive on a daily basis. The next challenge is for you to produce.

Produce more ideas and more ways to increase your income. Being able to produce more allows you to share what you have to others. This fruitfulness will bless your family and your community. Abundance will start to come as soon as you become more productive.


A grateful heart is able to envision an abundant life. Every great achievement begins with a dream in mind. Dare to dream and make it possible. Free yourself from the negative thinking and feedback that will weigh you down.

If you dream to travel with your family before the year ends, make it so. Take this time in quarantine as a way to save more money and fulfill your goals.


There is a book that differentiates the way rich people and poor people think. Rich people live in a world of abundance. While, poor people live in a world of limitation. Whether it happens by chance or by hard work, rich people understand that creativity and willingness to be open can lead to a life of abundance. Having the right mindset will lead you to see opportunities that you were once ignoring.

In contrast, poor people think there is not enough to go around in the world. Fear-based mindset may be deeply rooted in their past experiences. Do you share the same ideals?


Once you have planned for your abundant future and you have chosen a positive mindset, you must commit to living your dreams. What must you do to achieve the life you desire? Shall you expand your network or shall you try new hobbies?

Notice the opportunities that come along. Your only limitations are your consciousness, which is quickly expanding. Whatever you want quickly becomes yours because you see what most people do not.


Do you disrespect your money by overspending or by not appreciating what you have? Do you often think that your current business strategies do not work out for you? Your financial block stems from your energy block.

Remember that you attract what your energy releases. Create abundance by cleaning up your wallet, arranging your business files, and perceiving an energetic connection between your you and your finances.


Lastly, wanting more for others cradles the energy of abundance. It feels good to want more for others than to bring them down. This is especially true during times of crisis. When you genuinely want to help others, they will respond in kindness.

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This means that you have to eliminate your tendency of comparing yourself to others. Instead, you must come from a place of love and support. Things are healthier that way!

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