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Efficient Ways To Socialize On A Budget

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You do not have to miss every opportunity to socialize because of your tight budget! Here are some tricks that you may follow to keep both your finances and friends happy:


In Philosophy, the “honesty system” refers to endeavours ran based on trust and honor. Rules are typically applied to stay honest. Establish a similar system by sorting out your financial circumstance with the people who matter to you. Opt for the economically sound choices when hanging out with your friends or relatives. For instance, you may suggest splitting the bill with your workmates when celebrating the department’s increased sales.

Money may be a tough subject to hit, but genuine friends will understand. Said friends will avoid putting a strain on your finances!


Birthdays, weddings, and New Year festivities are some of the fixed events that happen in a year. With their nature, you have an ample amount of time to prepare for each one. Filling out a planner is a good strategy to accomplish. Having a planner helps you to remember special dates and to see the bigger picture.

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Plan a category of your budget according to the events that you foresee. Set aside at least a month to save up for future events. It may be easier said than done. However, you may start small. Prioritize events that are important to you. You do not have to give everyone a birthday present!


As a young professional, sharing a few drinks at the nearby pub is one of the most popular ways to meet new people. Socializing in the bar, club, or pub helps some people to vent out their heated stress from work. However, I cannot deny the hefty prices that come with alcoholic drinks.

Have a good time while cutting your bill significantly by researching the “happy hour deals” nearby. Most bars in Singapore have deals between 4 PM to midnight. Not to mention, there are other promotional events such as “ladies’ night” where women pay less than the male patrons. For the cheapest happy hour drinks, you may check out this list!


Last but not the least, you may take advantage of the country’s free events. Whether you are eyeing for live music or art workshops, these events may help you uncover a new talent or skill. Furthermore, it will not poke a hole on your wallet!

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Do not be scared to get out of your comfort zone by trying something new with your friends. To find free events, you may check out your community’s website or

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