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Bitcoin Gaining Popularity: 5 Bitcoin Startups to Watch Out For

As we approach 2020, blockchain is now more in focus of trading investors. Some of the football teams are now part of the Bitcoin Revolution and cryptocurrencies are now a major part of Online Gaming. It is great news for the Blockchain Industry that it has been endorsed by one of the top Football team, Manchester City. Superbloke, South Korean Sports Service Developer has incorporated Man City Players into its online soccer game “FC Superstars”.

Lawmakers are also looking at how they can regulate Bitcoin and Crypto Payments. These conditions will help to give blockchain greater clarity and a more solid market footing. In these circumstances, several projects and companies have shown flashes of great things to come.

The cryptocurrency industry has gained massive popularity since the establishment of bitcoin currency. More and more companies and entrepreneurs around the globe entered into the cryptocurrency space to be able to make a bitcoin profit.

Since Bitcoin transactions are private and secure, we don’t have exact estimates on how many bitcoin transactions are being carried out periodically. There is a need to carry out a survey on how many people prefer bitcoin nowadays. list of paid survey sites can help decision-makers to carry out these types of surveys.

Having a clear indication of major trends in the coming year is essential for cryptocurrency trading, so consider these factors before trading with any crypto startup.

  • The market capitalization. Prefer high capitalization.
  • The number of coins or tokens circulating in the market. Again, the greater the value, the better.
  • The governance structure of the blockchain that is being used. A decentralized structure is considered to be more reliable and secure than a centralized structure.

We have come up with a list of 5 Crypto Startups who are helping hand in earning profits for their customers. You can go through this list and decide which suits you best according to your needs.

Kraken: Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Exchange

Kraken launched in 2011, it provides cryptocurrency to edict commercialism and offers worth info to Bloomberg Terminal. CEO and founder Jesse Powell antecedently worked with Mt. Gox, that was leading the Bitcoin exchange platform from 2013 to 2014.

Jesse Powell started Kraken due to the poor management at Mt. Gox and wished another platform for people to exchange cryptocurrency. So far US-based exchange has raised over a hundred and twenty million dollars in three spherical of funding with last round taking place on 21st May of this year.

This startup emerged as a platform to scale back the bitcoin market’s dependency on one exchange. Kraken at the start offered a trade for only bitcoin and litecoin. However, step by step expanded to alternative cryptocurrencies as well. Kraken is well known for its security system, and the company was first in the business to provide cryptographically verified proof of reserves.

EOS: CoinMarketCap

EOS coin is a blockchain protocol established in 2017 at South Korea headquarters by Brendan Blumer, approved by its cryptocurrency Eos. This platform is built on a decentralized blockchain governance structure which means that developers can build applications on EOS, using its native coins.

Besides, the smart contract platform claims to eliminate transaction fees and also conduct millions of transactions per second. In order to ensure widespread distribution of the native cryptocurrency at the launch of the blockchain, one billion tokens were distributed as ERC-20 tokens by

The platform aims to provide decentralized application hosting, smart contract capability and decentralized storage of enterprise solutions that solve the scalability issues of blockchains like Bitcoin and Ethereum, as well as eliminating all fees for users.

BitPesa: Fast, Easy, Cost-effective Payments

BitPesa has taken Africa’s rising Bitcoin market by storm. The Kenyan blockchain startup that focuses on cross-border business-to-business payments and Bitcoin exchange services, raised innings funding of US$1.1 million less than a year.

In 2013, Elizabeth Rossiello supported the corporate to produce another payment system to users that would excel legacy systems and reduce the cost of transactions. BitPesa has managed to draw in funding from a variety of estimable working capital companies over the years.

BitPesa is further seeking out strategic partners as it seeks to roll out B2B merchandise like trade, finance, and lending. BitPesa purchased the Spanish money transfer platform TransferZero. This acquisition helped the startup to grow its presence in European remittance and payment markets. The Nairobi-headquartered startup is currently operational in seven African markets including Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, DRC, Ghana, Senegal, and Nigeria.

Luno: Buy Bitcoin, Ethereum and Cryptocurrency

Luno was founded in 2013 and the exchange was set up by Timothy Stranex in London. Luno facilitates bitcoin storage and transactions such as buying, selling and paying through their bitcoin wallet services. They also operate exchanges between traditional currencies and bitcoin.

Luno claims to have over 2.7-million customers or wallets across 40 countries. Luno has raised over $13-million in funding. Its investors include the Naspers Group, Rand Merchant Investment Holdings, Balderton Capital, Digital Currency Group and Venture Capital.

The majority of customer Bitcoin funds are kept in “deep freeze” storage. These are multi-signature wallets, with private keys stored in different bank vaults. No single person ever has access to more than one key. They maintain a multi-signature hot wallet to facilitate instant Bitcoin withdrawals. A team of over 250 people across the globe operating in 40+ countries to upgrade the world to a better financial system, bringing cryptocurrencies to everyone, everywhere.

Nauticus Blockchain

Nauticus is registered as a digital currency exchange and independent remittance dealer with Australian Government regulator AUSTRAC. The Nauticus blockchain mining center will let users mine remotely as another revenue stream and will be powered with renewable energy sources.

The Nauticus worldwide e-commerce aspect will allow fast, secure payment across borders using the Nauticus app. One pillar of the strategy is that the Nauticus Exchange, associates exchange with over one hundred cryptocurrencies and 6 edict currencies.

A Merchant Payments Platform will leverage Apple Pay and Android Pay-like technology to provide low-fee payment to contractors and clients. Global know-your-client verification will help provide fraud protections, while the Nauticus ICO Gateway will allow reputable clients to issue new tokens using the platform. It’s a wide-ranging, ambitious vision that Nauticus hopes will attract a wide array of both crypto and fiat-inclined customers.

As more companies start to deliver on their promises and provide the platforms their investors need, 2019 could be the year we cross the hurdle to mass adoption. While these 5 blockchain setups are worth watching time will tell which ones will be able to gain greater market share.

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