9 Clever Ways to Save Money on Your Daily Coffee Fix

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As someone who occasionally drinks coffee, I consider myself a moderate coffee drinker, finding myself somewhere between my friends who are frequent visitors of coffee shops and those who have never tried a cup of joe.

Although I can easily spend S$3-5 on a delicious coffee beverage at a cozy coffee shop to start my day, I understand that this can quickly add up if done on a daily basis.

For those who can’t live without coffee, exploring money-saving strategies is worth considering. After all, daily caffeine consumption can be costly, and taking steps to save money can have a significant impact in the long run. Start with these 9 hacks:


Many coffee shops offer loyalty programs to encourage their customers to come back for their special brew. While it’s not going to save you tons of money in a day, your cumulative savings and freebies can be worth it.

For instance, Flash Coffee Singapore has three rewards tiers, namely Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Bronze members can redeem a free drink after every 10 purchases. Silver members can redeem a free drink after every 7 purchases. Lastly, Gold members can redeem a free drink after every 5 purchases. Another brand that offers rewards to its members is PPP Coffee. As a PPP+ Rewards Member, you can enjoy a 3% cashback on your coffee purchases at its retail outlets, plus all food and beverages at participating cafes by PPP Coffee in Singapore (T&Cs apply).

Combining your utilization of loyalty cards with other saving strategies such as brewing your coffee at home can save you extra money on top of getting a free cup.


Kopi at Kopitiam can give you the caffeine kick you need, but for a fraction of the cost of cafe coffee. Sure, you’re missing out on the fancy latte art. But if you are drinking it down during a workday, you may not have time to savor coffee art anyway. Drink the foamy heart art coffee when you have time to indulge it.


Did you know that coffee beans retain their freshness and flavor better when stored as whole beans compared to pre-ground coffee? This is because pre-ground coffee often contains additives and fillers that can compromise its quality.

Coffee that has lost its aroma and flavor may end up going unused or being discarded, which means that you’re essentially pouring money down the drain along with your brew. By grinding your own beans, you can enjoy fresher coffee and lessen your waste.


Perhaps, your own brew does not appeal to you because of its taste. If you’re not satisfied with the taste of your homemade coffee, it might be time to invest in higher quality coffee beans. Spending a little more on quality beans can save you money by providing you with a more satisfying, enjoyable coffee.

To get the most out of your beans, start by selecting the right grind size for your coffee brewing method. For instance, a coarse grind is ideal for a French press, while a medium-coarse grind is suitable for automatic drip. Next, experiment with different coffee-to-water ratios to find your preferred strength. Lastly, make sure to use the best water temperature for your chosen brewing method.


Don’t set yourself up for failure by using a cheap coffee maker. Get a coffee maker that you are excited about! It will inspire you to drink more coffee at home and improve your overall coffee experience.


Drinking your coffee black may seem like a simple choice, but it can actually help you save money on buying milk, sugar, or creamer. By drinking black coffee, you can avoid these additional costs and appreciate the true flavor of the coffee. Plus, black coffee is a healthier option that eliminates the added sugar and calories from milk or creamer.


The difference between buying a small and a large-sized coffee can set you back by S$1 or more. For example, %Arabica Singapore’s Caffe Latte is priced at about S$7 for a short and S$8 for a tall order. Opting for a smaller size can save you approximately S$5 in a week or a yearly savings of S$240. Can you imagine what you could do with the S$240 you save?


For special occasions such as birthdays or anniversaries, include a coffee gift card on your wishlist. A Starbucks gift card in Singapore can be purchased with a minimum value of S$10 and a maximum value of S$300. Use your gift card to fuel your weeks’ worth of coffee fix, or to treat yourself to a special drink without worrying about the cost.


To make the most of your coffee budget, keep an eye out for freebies and exclusive discounts at your favorite coffee shops. One way to do this is by following their social media pages, where they often announce monthly specials and offer freebies to their loyal customers.

Another way to save on coffee purchases is to download apps such as the CoffeeBean SG Rewards App by The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Singapore. These coffee shop apps often provide discounts and coupons that can be used on your purchases, allowing you to enjoy your favorite drinks without going over budget.

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Use all these nine strategies to maximize your caffeine savings and indulge in your favorite beverages, guilt-free!

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