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6 Financial Pledges For The New Year 2018

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What are your financial resolutions for the next year? Here are some ideas to get you started.


When it comes to minimizing your debts, it pays to be strategic! You can either conquer a volume of smaller debts or a decent amount of high-interest debts. The important thing is to restructure your debts in order for payments to go towards your principal rather than the interest.


Look into your current financial situation. Keep an eye on the redundant and unnecessary elements. Do you really need to pay for everything with your several accounts (i.e., both credit and savings accounts)? In most cases, the answer is “NO”! Financial institutions charges fees for the simplest of things. Consider closing down or canceling your unnecessary accounts.


No one knows when the next financial crisis will hit! To help ease the burden of unexpected costs, your first line of defense is the emergency fund. Modify your budget in such a way that you would have an excess amount of cash for emergencies.


Now is the perfect time to invest for your needs beyond retirement. As a Singaporean Citizen or a Permanent Resident, you are privileged to have a straightforward retirement plan. Just ensure that your company’s terms are in lined with the CPF’s. Grow your “golden nest” to its full potential by maximizing your personal contributions.


Fulfilling someone’s monetary plea is one of the most positive ways to start the year 2018! If you are capable of shelling out a portion of your savings without hurting your budget then, you may donate to a good cause. You will realize the true value of your money as you see it transform someone else’s life.


Knowledge is definitely powerful! Particularly, printed media allows you to directly interact with some of the century’s brilliant minds. You may want to explore the different non-fiction topics including the wonders of Investments as a renewed bookworm. Look into the interesting titles such as “The Intelligent Investor” or “Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits”.

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These books and similar ones will allow you to learn the basics directly from the people who were most successful in the field.

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