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Useful Financial Tips For Bread-winning Wives

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Over the past few decades, the workplace culture has shifted towards equality of genders. Gone are the days when every woman stay back to take care of their children and the entire household.

Based on a study by Prudential Company in 2012, approximately 53% of the sample were women breadwinners while only 22% were married or living with a partner who made more than them. Aside from these numbers dual-career bearer households have increased globally. The fact that women are working more nowadays is something that society is beginning to accept – regardless of gender stereotypes.

When women earn more than their husbands or when they solely provide for their families, there can be an unwanted tension between the household and the finances. Here are some useful tips to handle it:


Psychotherapist Olivia Mellan shares that many new-age women are not raised with the expectation that they need another person who earns more than they do. This empowered attitude may be difficult to adopt especially if the people whom you interact with (e.g., your peers) are opposed to this idea.

They might not be ready for a modern-aged Superwoman but here you are! Accept and embrace the reality that you are an accomplished breadwinner. All your hard work and ambitions led you to this moment and there is nothing to be ashamed. Your capabilities allow you to provide a comfortable life not just for yourself but for your children.


To help secure the financial security of your family, get a proper insurance coverage for both you and your beneficiaries (i.e., your spouse and children). You may consider purchasing a life insurance policy to secure your dependents’ future after you die. However, you must consider your current financial situation as well as your standard of living in order to maintain the lifestyle of your dependents.

If you are single, purchase a life insurance policy and designate a close family member as your beneficiary. He or she will pay off your expenses and other issues should something happen to you.


It is always a good idea to save some money for the rainy days. No matter how long you work or how many jobs you have, you are limited by the uncontrollable factors. These factors include age, time, economy, and incentives. Since you are the primary provider for the household, it is important to save in case these said factors are negatively affected.

Experts suggest to have an emergency savings amounting to least 6 times your monthly salary. This will help ease abrupt unemployment.


Working your body to its limits will eventually bring more harm than good. Understand that it is acceptable if you cannot do it all. Enlist your husband’s help as much as possible. It will not only give you breathing room but it will also make him feel that he is not dispensable.

Couples shall work together and communicated openly on financial decisions in order to share the responsibilities and keep the balance in order.

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