5 Qualities of a Reliable Personal Loan Lender in Singapore

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Nowadays, it’s easy to find a personal loan lender that can give you the financial boost that you need. However, not all Singaporean lenders have the same policies and attitudes. Some lenders are invariably better than others. To find an exceptional lender, you can benefit from a list of qualities to look out for.

Here are the Top 5 qualities of a personal loan lender in Singapore


You may think that empathy is reserved for humans and some animals. But on a greater scale, empathy is a quality practiced by organizations, groups, and affiliations. Lenders are included among these categories. An empathetic lender doesn’t have to ‘feel’ your pain, but he must be willing to understand your situation if ever you cannot pay on time.

Of course, as a borrower, it is your primary responsibility to repay the loan without fail. Still, some life situations are uncontrollable and your finances might be affected. By looking for an empathetic licensed moneylender in Singapore like Cash Mart, you will definitely have a better time.

Excellent Customer Support

Every sector in the world today needs a reliable customer support platform. Without such platform, a company or organization will lose the trust of clients. A lending company’s customer support platform can be measured by its response speed and on-point assistance.

If a lending company keeps you waiting for nothing, dump it immediately. You are a customer or client who needs to be assisted as soon as possible.

To find the best lender with excellent customer support, you have to rely on reviews. You can find these reviews on social media pages, directories, online lists, and other community channels.

Be diligent about scouring for reviews because they are the main determiners of finding a lender with excellent customer support. You can even get a head start by gathering opinions from your friends and relatives.

Fast Transaction Process

Time is very important in this fast-paced world. A lender that doesn’t value your time shouldn’t be included in your list. Apart from customer support, the lender must have a swift transaction process that takes less than 24 hours.

If you’re certain that your credit status is okay, the personal loan lender should give you pre-approval right away. Keep in mind that transaction processes differ; bigger and more complex loans take a longer period for approval. Some of these complex loans are small business loans, corporate loans, auto loans, and other credit programs.

To find a lender with a fast transaction process, check out Facebook pages. Very likely, satisfied and dissatisfied borrowers will leave their remarks on a lender’s page. This is a great source of information that can help speed up your search.

Rewarding for Borrowers

Great lenders know how to extend their positive will and appreciation through rewards and special treatment. While lenders are not obligated to offer special rewards or incentives, doing so can make a huge difference.

Having rewards is a clear indicator that the lender is ready to go beyond the call of duty to serve the borrowers.

Aside from looking for lenders that offer rewards and incentives, you should figure out the types of rewards that they are doling out. Some lenders offer fees that will go down significantly depending on your credit score and reputation.

If you are a good payer, the lender might be considerate enough with the fees. To maximize your time and options, look for rewards that match your financial priorities.

Reasonable Fees

No sane borrower would want a loan that has outrageous interest rates and service fees – unless there’s a future bargain to be made. Paying back a loan is already a difficult ordeal. You don’t have to make it harder by securing high-rate loans!

So, you should bear this quality in mind: reasonable pricing. The lender needs to make money, but it doesn’t need to drain borrowers further. In order to find such a lender, you may need to analyze a directory of the most active lenders in your area.

Start comparing their rates and figure out which one is a great fit for your budget. Small business owners are also great sources of information. There’s a big chance that these entrepreneurs have applied for loans with acceptable fees. It wouldn’t hurt to ask them at all.

A Gentle Reminder

The aforementioned qualities are great points to consider, but you should also take a glance at hard data. You can find streams of data from social media, forums, and other communities. By combining reviews and raw numbers, you might be able to find the best payday loan in Singapore that matches your expectations.


It’s always beneficial to look for a lender that has the mentioned qualities. Consider the qualities as positive flags that will help you separate the best lenders from the not-so-good ones. Once you’ve pinpointed a lender that practices positive qualities, it’s time to send your loan application over!

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