5 Dollar-Worthy Personal Transformations

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The year 2017’s closure is upon us! There is always something about the turn of the calendar that makes people itch for a dramatic change. Dramatic life change begins in personal transformations. Reinventing yourself can be the most profitable investment that you will make.

The unwavering effort that you put into investing in yourself plays a significant role in determining your quality of life at present and in the future.


One of the quickest transformations that you can employ is wearing a red lipstick. Its classic and feminine shade is universally wearable for all skin tones. It makes your teeth look whiter too! Furthermore, it can leaves a lasting impact on job interviews or first dates.

Choosing the perfect red lipstick is similar to choosing the perfect jewelry. You must go for the piece that attracts you the most. I, for one, recommend MAC’s Ruby Woo or Smashbox Bawse by Lilly Singh.


Even at a young age, my father imparted the importance of fitness. Fitness is more than just a hobby for him – it is his way of life. He makes an effort to choose healthier options as much as possible. Awareness of your physical health is a crucial part of self-care. Improve your holistic health by getting sufficient sleep, having a balanced diet, and taking a break.

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You do not have to spend too much to recharge yourself. You can either eat out with your workmates, briskwalk at the nearby park, or binge watch on Netflix. Unloading your stress every once in a while reduces the damage in your “overloading system”.


Recruitment officers typically receive a volume of video and PowerPoint resumes. These methods shape one’s professional brand. You know that you live in the 21st century when you have to think of your online and offline branding.

Our dependence to the Internet paved way for the emergence of social media. Use social media to your advantage by keeping your online profiles relevant or current. Ensure that your pages carry the same profile picture, contact details, and writing style. Headhunters or recruiters can easily reach you when you reguarly update the essentials.


One of the core values that my alma mater embedded on us was the importance of lifelong learning. Investing in the expansion of your knowledge and skills can take various forms. The common route is to take a graduate degree. You can also advance by taking extra classes, relevant certifications, or online courses.

Other forms of skill investment avenues include creative workshops such as painting and pottery workshops. It is no secret that the scope of your education and the variety of your skills increase your employability.


Who says that personal transformation and endless entertainment do not go hand in hand? Roaming the globe entails immersing into someone else’s culture while having a relaxing getaway.

Traveling enables you to taste different cuisines, to smell different aromas, to listen to different types of music, and to observe other people’s opinions. Engaging in conversations with people from various ethnic backgrounds opens your mind to new perspectives. That mental transformation contributes to your maturity.

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Personal transformation begins with cultivating a newfound thought. Whether or not you are open to change, it is inevitable that it will happen. You can either experience minute changes such as cutting your hair or widescale adjustments such as starting a family.

Once you have committed yourself to a decision, take confident action. Remember what the Latin proverb once highlighted: “Fortune favors the bold!”

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