You’re Flushing Money Away With These Grocery Habits

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Since most of us consume food at least three times a day, a weekly trip to the grocery store is unavoidable. We do it on a regular basis until our actions steer into autopilot. More often than not, we idly shove familiar items into our carts and neglect better judgement. It is time for change!

You are flushing your money away with these automatic grocery habits…


Say you entered the nearby grocery store and noticed the flashy brand deals. Oh! It is surely tempting to see your favorite items in the “marked down” section. However, some brands lower their prices to get rid of items that are reaching its due date. This is why you must allot a few seconds to check the expiration dates of the items before placing them into your cart. Doing so will save you an additional trip to the store and prevent the buyer’s remorse.

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If you want to fill your cart with unnecessary items, shop while you are emotional. Grocery shopping when you are “hangry” (i.e., frustrated due to hunger) is a recipe for disaster! It will not only make you reach for more items, but it will also make you lean towards unhealthy ones. An empty stomach may puncture a hole into your pocket just to satisfy its cravings.


Many people stick to the same brands as these have worked for them in the past. Shopping with raging brand loyalty makes you miss out the competitive products of other brands. Other brands may carry the same product quality with significant improvements and attractive deals. So, shake things up every now and then. Do not be afraid to explore the store brand or the generics too!


You will not be able to control your spending habits (and transportation costs) if you enter the grocery store without a plan. Customize a meal plan for the week to set the tone of your shopping list.

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When money is tight, you cannot afford to go to the store spontaneously. Trust me, it rarely works!

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