These 10 skincare habits will help you achieve your beauty goals in no time

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When it comes to skincare, many of us are clueless. Based on hearsay, sometimes we commit skincare regime mistakes and then blame it on bad genes. While skin condition may be hereditary, it also takes effort if you want to achieve flawless skin.

Here are 10 skincare habits that will help you achieve your beauty goals in no time.

#1: Get enough shuteye

A consultant dermatologist, Dr Stephanie Ho, shares that your sleep quality affects your skin’s age. Poor sleep quality may weaken its ability to repair itself from damage such as sunburn. Thus, be sure to get enough rest, ideally a good one at night.

#2: Faithfully apply sunscreen
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According to Dr Ho, prolonged exposure to sun rays result in the early formation of pigmentation, wrinkles, and dryness. All these can lead to initial signs of ageing. To counter it, be sure to include sunscreens in your skincare routine.

#3: Use the right products

Expensive products don’t always do the trick. Manman Chong, education director for Asia at French skincare company Caudalie, points out that using the wrong products might aggravate existing skin problems and conditions. Seek professional help if you’re unsure.

#4: Remove makeup thoroughly
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Not correctly removing makeup might result in your pores clogging over time. Makeup artist Clarence Lee recommends us to choose a good cleansing oil. Save time and money since now you do not need to buy separate makeup removers for the eye, lip, and face.

#5: Clean your makeup tools

Talking about makeup, Lee advocates using clean tools. Even if you do not share them with others, bacteria can still form over time due to a certain level of moistness in our makeup products combined with the skin’s natural sebum.

#6: Leave that pimple alone

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Dr Ho remarked that popping pimples does not solve the underlying problem and may lead to infection and even scarring. If you’re facing acne problems, book an appointment with a dermatologist to receive proper topical treatments or oral medication.

#7: Hydrate sufficiently

If dryness, flakiness, and reduced suppleness of the skin is what you detest, then keep up with proper hydration. Dr Ho recommended about 2.7 litres of water for women and 3.7 litres for men. Alternatively, when you feel thirsty or spot a darker urine colour, it’s a sign to drink up.

#8: Go easy on exfoliation

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In short, exfoliation is not for everyone. Especially for people with sensitive and dry skin, overdoing it can cause inflammation and itchiness. It’s also wise to check your current skincare products for substances like retinoids or benzoyl peroxide.

#9: Give products time to work their magic

Chong suggests giving 28 to 56 days (or four to eight weeks) to decide if a particular skincare product is working for you because healthy skin regenerates in 28 days. Also known as ‘cellular turnover’, it plays a crucial role in bringing out your product’s effectiveness (if any).

#10: Avoid hot water for face wash
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Using hot water for face wash can irritate and strip the skin of natural oils. The ideal water temperature should not be too high or too low since extreme temperatures affect our vulnerable facial skin. Chong proposes using lukewarm water of about 30 degrees Celcius instead.

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