Retire In The World’s Cheapest And Most Beautiful Countries

In 2013, Live and Invest Overseas and International Living examined the best countries worldwide where you can retire for S$1,760/month or less. Live and Invest Overseas is a trusted online publication dedicated to giving information on retiring, living, and investing overseas. With a similar goal, International Living, established in 1979, had surveyed experts and contributors to get the cost of living information of countries around the world. These are the latest large-scale data available to date: 1. NICARAGUA, CENTRAL AMERICA



Money Management Tips From Around The World

Diversity is rich in meaningful insight that extends to financial values and money handling practices. Know more about the 5 money strategies from around the world that you can use in your everyday life… 1. CHINA: MAKE FRUGALITY YOUR MANTRA China has a strong culture of saving. Being raised by Chinese parents, you will feel that saving at least 50% of your income is normal. In fact, China’s government has saved about 51% of their GDP in 2013, according to


Travel & Entertainment

How Much To Tip When Traveling In These 10 Countries

Tipping is a practice of gratitude and recognition to those who have provided you with excellent service. In Singapore, they automatically have service charges in restaurants but you can still leave about 5% for great service. Not all countries welcome tipping. In fact, some parts of China and Japan may be offended when you give them tips. Before leaving your hotel, it is important to research on the country’s tipping practices. Here are 10 countries you can start with… 1.