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Should You Invest In Swimming Lessons For Your Kids: Experts Talk

Every parent wants to provide the best ecosystem for their children to develop and realize their true potential. This translates into sending them to the best schools, giving them access to technology, and paying for various extracurriculars and hobbies that they are interested in. A lot of parents also want to do a lot of fun activities like hiking, camping, fishing, and swimming with their kids. This helps in bonding and teaching kids about important life skills like lighting a


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Fun Activities To Explore In St. John’s Island

Nestled in the string of islands on the Southern coast of Singapore is St. John’s Island. What was once a quarantine facility in the late 1800s has since become a destination for locals who want a quick getaway from the cityscape. St. John’s Island is bigger than its neighbors namely, Sisters’ Islands and Kusu Island. Despite its size, less than half of the island is accessible by the public. Huge portions of the land are dedicated to research and to


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Coolest Places For Friendly Hangouts In Singapore

Are you looking forward to spend quality time with your childhood friends or co-workers? With a budget of S$25 or less, here are some places that you may enjoy. FOR THE FOOD ENTHUSIAST Nothing beats a simple gathering that ignites your love for food. Taste the various flavors that Singapore hawker centres offer by hopping into different stalls. Catch up with your beloved friends while you dine at the best yet affordable eateries. Five of the most famous hawker centres



TYR: 4 Days Mega Sale – Up to 70% Off Swimming, Cycling Apparels & More (29 Apr – 2 May 16)

TYR Mega Sale has arrived. For only 4 days from 29 Apr – 2 May, shoppers can look forward to discount of up to 70% from TYR branded apparels including cycling apparels, goggles, socks, swimwear, swim caps, shorts, accessories and more. Price starts from S$10. Free gifts with your purchase. Previous TYR Sale: [fancygallery id=”5″ album=”63″] Share this news with your friends and loved ones! TYR Mega Sale Date: 29 Apr – 2 May 2016 Time: 10am – 7pm Venue: