Moving or renovating your home- why not let Work+Store solve your temporary storage needs?

We may come across the need to have extra space to store our personal items at different phases of our lives. As homeowners, we might be renovating our houses or simply moving to new homes. Likewise, business owners also need space to store inventory for a variety of reasons. The good news is that storage space providers such as Work+Store are providing storage units for lease at very economical rates. Let’s find out why leasing a self storage unit at Work+Store helps one save more money!

For Homeowners

Prices of residential homes in Singapore have been growing unabated and this has put bigger homes out of the budget for some aspiring home-owners. Thankfully, a financially savvier solution has emerged in the form of purchasing a smaller home and leasing a self storage space at Work+Store. This way, there is no need to overstretch your finances and constantly fretting over meeting your mortgage obligations.

One thing that the Covid-19 pandemic had taught many homeowners is how important it is to utilise the space in our homes. As a result, many homeowners have been splurging on extensive home renovations to build a better living environment. This is where Work+Store comes in handy as a place to temporarily store bulky furniture while the renovation of the homes are ongoing.

Likewise, existing home-owners who wish to have an extra storeroom to store bulky items can also choose to lease a Basic Storage Unit at Work+Store. Self storage units are especially handy to store items that are used less frequently such as winter wear. They can also store the impulse purchases bought during the Covid-19 pandemic such as bicycles or home gym equipment.

For Business Owners

E-commerce and small businesses can significantly reduce the cost of their operations by leasing self storage units from Work+Store to store their inventory. Some of these storage units are fully air-conditioned, business owners can perform fulfilment duties comfortably. You may consider the windows units if you worry of the discomfort feeling for staying too long in an enclosed space.

For business owners who are changing business concepts, shifting location or simply shutting down due to the challenging economic conditions, excess inventory can also be stored temporarily at Work+Store’s self storage units. The length of the lease is flexible enough to cater to the lessee’s business plans.

Why Work+Store

Work+Store offers a wide-ranging variety of self-storage units that are conveniently located across 9 locations in Singapore.

  • Sizes range from 20sqft to 600sqft to suit the needs of most self-storage users.
  • Lease tenure is so flexible such that users can even choose to change the size of their storage units during their lease periods to suit their needs at specific time periods.
  • Storage users can access their leased storage units 24/7. Not to worry, peace of mind is ensured as all 9 locations are monitored with CCTV at all times of the day.
  • More importantly, they are also extremely affordable as prices start from as low as only $125/month.

If you require more space to store your bulky items, do consider the storage units at Work+Store and arrange for a viewing. Virtual viewing is also available which makes the process even more convenient! Whatsapp them at 8722 8000 or you may also reach out to them via email at [email protected].


Storage Space & Logistic Mover Service from just $99/month

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Work+Store introduces new Flexi Space storage, a one stop storage solution from movers to storage and you will only pay for the space required for your items!

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With our Flexi Space and Logistics Mover services, you can count on us to move and store your items quickly and reliably for you. This one-stop solution allows you to pay only for the space you need, alongside hassle-free mover services.

What’s more, enjoy FREE boxes when you sign up for these services.

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Cheap Storage Hacks To Organize Your Home

Due to the safety measures and social restrictions brought by the pandemic, we tend to spend most of our days at home. Now is the perfect time to declutter and reorganize your own space! From creating your own key holders to storing your stuffed animals, these tips will squeeze your creative juices without breaking the bank.

Use what you have as you organize your home with these cheap storage hacks:


Do not throw your shoe boxes just yet! Shoe box, usually made of paper, is more than just a storage for shoes. It can also be used in packaging several items in retail stores or in your home. If you have a collection of bills, photos, sewing supplies, tools, and other small items, you may store it inside a shoe box for easier access.

Divide the sections of the shoe box by cutting the cover into rectangular and square pieces. Get creative! You may also cover the shoe box with a patterned fabric to echo the décor of your room.


Let us face it! Hair ties always get lost. The solution? Store your hair ties on an empty tissue roll core. Widen the hair tie and insert it on the empty tissue roll core. This way, you will know where to find them.

Aside from hair ties, the empty tissue roll core may be used to store your cords. Prevent getting your cords tangled by tucking in the cords inside an empty tissue roll core. Put a label on the cardboard tube so you will know which cord is which.


Jars can be ideal for preserving jams, jellies, sauces, mustards and flavored vinegars. Basically, it is storage for your food. But aside from that, you may organize your office supplies with a jar. Let the jar act as a stationary vase for your paper clips, pens, staplers, highlighters, and more.

You may also style your jar by painting it with enamel or a chalkboard paint. A chalkboard paint allows you to create a blackboard area with a durable black finish. This product can be applied to any smooth non-porous surface such as drywall, plaster, metal, and glass.


Keep all your child’s stuffed animals in one area by sticking a few Velcro strips or hook-and-loop fasteners on the wall. Attach the half of the strip on a lightweight stuffed animal and the other half on a wall. Use the soft side of the Velco or the hook-and-loop fastener to avoid getting potential scrapes on your beloved little one.


Tired of seeing your children’s toys scattered around? Do not forget the smaller ones such as the action figures or doll clothes that are lying on the floor. Well, re-sealable or reusable zipper bags may come in handy. The most famous brand is the Ziploc bag, but you may also use other variations of this. The see-through exterior provides easy identification of the stored contents.

Just store your child’s toys, crayons, and markers in a labeled reusable storage bag to keep it organized. You may also keep some manuals and brochures inside.


You will be surprised to know that a picture frame may be revamped as a key holder and a dry-erase board. Let us start with the key holder. Create your own aesthetically pleasing key holder with a single picture frame. Simply remove the glass and paint the background or cover it with fabric or colored paper. Then, attach several key hooks using a strong adhesive. Hang the frame near the exit door. This will ensure that all keys are kept in one place.

Lastly, you may create a dry-erase board with a picture frame. Stay on top of your tasks and errands with a DIY dry-erase board. Use an old picture frame and put a fabric or a wallpaper inside. Use a whiteboard or a dry-erase marker to note down your reminders on the glass.


Tote bags, made of canvas, are usually inexpensive. Take your beddings and blankets and put it inside the tote bags for heightened organization. You may also put your old or underused clothes inside the tote bags and donate it to those who need it the most.

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