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6 Tips To Save Big On Your Car

Owning and maintaining a car in any country especially Singapore can get very expensive. This is why pays to know how to save on your car costs. Insurance and petrol costs may feel like fixed, but you can cut them down without sacrificing your safety and comfort. Try these 6 tips. 1. DRIVE SAFELY AND STEADILY Being a speedster may cost you a lot on fuel and accidents. Accelerating quickly and kicking on the breaks hastily only wastes fuel. It


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Best Credit Card For Petrol

Best Petrol Credit Card

When your car ran out of petrol, have you had problems deciding which petrol kiosks to go to enjoy the most savings? With four petroleum companies in Singapore – Exxon-Mobil, Caltex, Shell and Singapore Petroleum Company, you may at times scratch your head and wonder which petrol companies offer the cheapest petrol. Owning and driving a car in Singapore is expensive, and it pays to find out how to save on your fuel expenses. Using the right credit card to