Sinopec offers 23% instant discount at Bukit Timah Station from 31 May - 30 Jun 2021

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Get your 23% discount on fuel purchases, exclusively at Sinopec Bukit Timah Station!

For the whole of June, get more value on your fuel to drive more and explore Singapore while staying safe and social distancing!

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Terms & Conditions

1. Offer is valid from 31 May (23:01) till 30 June (23:00) at Sinopec Hong Kong (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. (“SINOPEC”) Bukit Timah petrol service station (Address: 623A Bukit Timah Road, Singapore 269733)
2. Fuel savings can be enjoyed on any grade of petrol and diesel and will be applied to prevailing prices of fuel purchase.
3. This promotion cannot be combined with other promotional offers.
4. This offer is subjected to the listed prices at SINOPEC services stations while the transaction is made.
5. All disputes will be subjected to the final decision of SINOPEC. SINOPEC reserves the rights to change the above terms and conditions without further notice.


SAVE MORE ON PETROL! Get up to 21.15% fuel savings at Shell when you pay with UOB Credit Cards

From today, enjoy EVEN HIGHER fuel savings of up to 21.15%* at Shell with UOB Credit Cards! Here’s the quick lowdown of this fantastic collaboration:

  • UOB One Credit Cardmembers enjoy 17% instant fuel discount at Shell + up to 5% cashback*.
  • UOB Reserve Credit Cardmembers enjoy 17% instant fuel discount at Shell.
  • All other UOB Credit Cardmembers enjoy a 14% instant fuel discount at Shell.

Find out more below on how you can enjoy higher fuel savings at Shell with UOB Credit Cards!

Score Higher Upfront Savings

Holding a UOB Credit Card? Score even higher instant discounts at Shell! Cardmembers will be pleased to know that Shell and UOB Cards have increased their instant discount component to bring you even higher fuel savings as shown below.

Terms and Conditions Apply:

1 Up to 21.15% savings for UOB One Credit Card is calculated based on 5% upfront Shell station discount, 5% upfront Shell Escape discount, 7% UOB One Credit Card instant discount, and, if applicable, up to 5% UOB One Credit Card cashback.

2 Instant 17% discount for UOB Reserve Credit Card is calculated based on 5% upfront Shell station discount, 5% upfront Shell Escape discount and 7% instant discount for UOB Reserve Credit Card.

3 Instant 14% discount for other UOB Credit Cards is calculated based on 5% upfront Shell station discount, 5% upfront Shell Escape discount, 4% upfront discount for other UOB Cards.

4 Enjoy up to 5% cashback based on a spend of S$2,000 monthly for each qualifying quarter with min. 5 purchases monthly to earn the quarterly cash rebate of S$300. Visit for full terms and conditions.

Valid Shell Escape Card must be presented to the cashier to enjoy the bank upfront discounts. Other terms and conditions apply. Visit for more details.

Please note that there has been an update to the UOB SMART$ programme at Shell. Earning of UOB SMART$ at Shell has ceased and the last day of redemption of UOB SMART$ at Shell will end on 16 June 2021, 23:59.

As shown above, UOB One Credit Cardmembers  who pump at Shell can earn up to a whopping 21.15% discount as shown in the example above. This makes it one of the most enticing offer in the market today!

To earn the attractive cashback from your UOB One Credit Card, simply pick up your daily necessities available at the Shell Select stores. Shell Select are stocked with a variety of snacks and beverages along with other convenient items, all selected for the high quality to ensure that you get the best available. Refuel your car for the journey ahead and enjoy a pleasant and hassle-free customer experience at Shell Select!

Earn More Rewards With Shell Escape Loyalty Programme

To enjoy upfront savings, don’t forget to sign up for the Shell Escape Loyalty Programme card.

Simply pick up a Shell Escape Card and register for the Shell Escape Loyalty Programme online at your convenience. Once you have registered, you are on your way to earn Shell Escape points on your fuel purchases. Pump more at Shell today to accumulate more Shell Escape Points! Thereafter, treat yourself to a plethora of deserving rewards simply by redeeming your Shell Escape points.

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If you do not have a UOB One Credit Card, simply sign up for one so that you can immediately enjoy higher fuel savings at Shell! Remember to present your Shell Escape Card to boost your rewards at Shell further! Sign up now for a UOB One Credit Card today at




Will Mixing Other Brands Of Petrol Harm Your Car?

As you may know, petrol prices in Singapore remain unchanged despite the plunge in oil prices. According to Bloomberg, a barrel of West Texas Intermediate crude was at a record low of US$1.69 last Monday (April 20). While, Brent crude was at US$25.92 compared to the US$74 usual price 12 months ago.

If you are happy with the performance of your usual petrol, that is great! You can stay loyal to that brand. However, unsatisfied customers may still search for another brand. To save money during tough economic crisis, will mixing other brands of petrol harm your car?

A short answer – it will not. Usually, any commercially available gasoline that passes industry standards would suffice for almost any gasoline-powered vehicle. Putting a higher-octane petrol into your car will neither help nor hurt your car’s performance despite the variations among engines.

The answer may vary from person to person, even among drivers who own the same vehicular models. You see, some people are strictly following the required octane fuel that their vehicles need. This is often due to the engine incompatibility with additive packages in premium fuels. Nonetheless, the brand that will give you the best fuel economy for your driving habits is the best one for your car.

To determine this, you need to monitor your fuel consumption over two to four full tanks. How often do you have to refill your car’s petrol on a monthly basis? Throughout this time, make the conscious effort to note down any driving conditions that you may encounter. The objective is to establish an average of your fuel consumption. The next step is to factor the cost per liter of your chosen fuel and switch to the other brand. Consider significant differences between the two.

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For safety purposes, please do not let your fuel run down the manufacturer’s recommended rating for your car. Check your owner’s manual thoroughly beforehand to cover all your bases. At the end of the day, it is all about choosing the petrol that will best suit your car and your needs. Most of the time, brands have very little to do with it.

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How To Save Money As A Newbie Driver

Not owning a car in Singapore may be the wisest thing for your wallet. However, there are efficient ways to minimize your financial destruction. Consider the following:


Theoretical knowledge includes the fundamental aspects of driving such as the road signs and the car parts. Recently, I enrolled myself in a driving school that offered free lectures as a part of the year-end promotion. I was fortunate as some driving schools charge extra for these.

You may avoid the additional costs too! Simply uncover the gems found online. For example, you may download this informative file to widen your understanding on Singapore’s road traffic signs.

You may also purchase a single instructional book and learn by yourself. Doing so will save you money, time, and effort.


Be honest with yourself. As a newbie driver, you may overlook the state of your tires unless they are completely flat. A tire will enable you to travel as long as it has air. This is why some people fail to realize that their tires are under-inflated. Under-inflated tires can not only cost you more petrol, but also your lives.

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Image Credits:

Prevent accidents from happening by checking your tire pressure on a monthly basis.


As I examined the available options from the driving school, I committed myself to manual vehicles first. I wanted to absorb the basics in order to have an easier time with the automatic vehicles.

What I like most about manual controls is its ability to control the acceleration. If you place more importance on fuel-efficiency then, this is a route that you shall take. Manual vehicles generally use less fuel depending on the driver’s awareness and proficiency. A driver who constantly skip the first gear tend to burn more fuel with the second gear’s power. So, do not forget to initially shift the control to the first gear.


In this day and age, it is easy to rely on the convenience of technology. The community-based navigation app called Waze boasts its ability to provide an accurate map that steers away from traffic jams. Almost all of my family members depend on this free app. However, its distinct routes may not necessarily be cost-efficient.

Save money on petrol by searching the shortest route possible. Look at Google Maps and other resources to get a decent estimate of how long each path may take. Plan wisely!

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The 7 smart ways to shave your petrol bill in Singapore

While many parts of the world are enjoying declining petrol cost, Singapore faces an inverse trend. The copious number of traffic lights and low speed limits are no stranger to Singaporeans; they work together to stretch the energy bill further.  But overcoming these loathsome road characteristics is not exactly an Herculean task. Essentially, it just requires some minor tweaks to your driving behavior and the car.

  1. Tires inflated to the proper pressure can improve petrol mileage by up to 3.3%. Such information on the proper tire pressure can be found in the car’s instruction manual.
  2. Ensuring that the car has a properly tuned engine or has passed an emissions test can improve petrol mileage by an average of 4%, while addressing a severe maintenance issue can improve it by as much as 40%! Therefore, sending the car for regular inspections is a good practice!
  3. Use the manufacturer’s recommended grade of motor oil which can improve petrol mileage by 1-2%. Besides, purchase motor oil with the “Energy Conserving” label to ensure it contains chemicals that reduce friction.
  4. Stay above 48km/h as much as possible because the car consumes greater energy to combat wind resistance than rolling resistance at a lower speed. Carrying more loads and rolling down the windows can yield greater resistance at higher speeds, effectively cutting 1% to 15% of the fuel economy.
  5. Time your acceleration adequately where you neither strain your motor nor trap your car in lower gears for too long which erodes fuel economy.  A good estimate would be to accelerate to 80km/h within 15-20 seconds. Thereafter, keep a constant speed to prevent energy wastage on frequent deceleration and re-acceleration. Use cruise control function if available.
  6. Brake less since braking converts useful kinetic energy into useless heat energy. Choose the route that has the least traffic – use the much vaunted Google Maps to plan the best route – to reduce unnecessary fuel wastage.
  7. There is simply no need to warm up modern cars that are produced after the mid-1990s. Advanced engineering feat has made warming up irrelevant since sensors are now built into such cars to ensure the right mix of air and fuel in the engine – instead of relying on a warmed up engine to do the job uneconomically.