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Run With Life-Sized Dinosaurs At Jurassic Mile

As you bring more focus to your health this year, it is important to include running or jogging to your fitness regimen. The health benefits of running and jogging include improving one’s cardiovascular fitness, strengthening bones and muscles, burning plenty of kilojoules, and maintaining a healthy weight. Goal setting for running and jogging vary for each individual. For others it may be a tool to help them compete in marathons and fun runs. While, some people use running and jogging


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5 Fun Family Activities in Singapore under $10

Who says that no family activity in Singapore is cheap? Think again! In fact, some of them are FREE! From free shows to art appreciation, here are 5 Family Activities (under $10) that you will surely enjoy. 1. STARGAZING Be amazed by the stars and constellations you will see in the Omni Theatre at the Singapore Science Centre. Gaze over the vast universe from 7:50 to 10 pm every Fridays through a series of telescopes. Best of all? It’s FREE. 2.