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*Terms & Conditions apply:

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  • The management’s decision in respect of matter concerning this campaign is final and shall bebinding on all participants.
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Newbie’s Guide To Finding The Perfect Spectacles

Poor vision is a trait that has been passed from the one generation of our family to another. Thus, it comes as no surprise that my sister inherited the trait too. For her birthday, I decided to help her purchase a pair of spectacles. It is a practical and fashionable gift that she can use on a daily basis.

I purchased a new pair in less than ten minutes. I knew the frame that I wanted and came with a budget in mind. While, she took about two hours to select hers. She put a lot of thought in the selection process because she believes in finding the best pair possible. As a savvy consumer, she was on a hunt to find a pair that will last her for several years.

Her actions made me dwell upon the essential steps needed to acquire the “perfect pair”.


Eye-wear criterion vary from wearer to wearer. Similar to acquiring a new gadget, you must examine the requirements needed to be filled when choosing a pair of spectacles. Where will you use your prescription eye-wear predominantly? Are you going to use it for indoor or outdoor activities?

The more information the optometrist or store personnel is provided with, the easier the selection process will be. Let the professionals know which features will be most beneficial for you.


Choose a frame that compliments your face shape. To identify your face shape, you look directly into a mirror and pull your hair back. The overall contours of your face is your face shape. People with an angular face  should opt for round frames. While people with round faces shall opt for angular frames. How about the ones with heart-shaped faces? Well, they should opt for oval-shaped frames. Lastly, people with oval-shaped faces can choose any type of frame they want.

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Nonetheless, it is best to take someone with you while you shop. Having a second opinion from a trusted companion can be really helpful.


Would you believe that there are more than two options for lenses? The market offers plastic lenses, multi-coated lenses, blue cut lenses, and so on. Choose the spectacle lenses that will best suit your lifestyle.

Plastic lenses are becoming increasingly popular nowadays. High-quality plastic lenses offer protection against scratches and pressure marks. Multi-coated lenses combine anti-reflection, scratch-resistant, UV-protected, and water repellent properties. Lastly, blue cut lenses are used to block the harmful blue light that smartphones, monitors, and laptops emit.


People who browse intently through the fine print are often rewarded. Unbeknownst to you, your health insurance or employee benefits may cover your eye care expenses. Increase your awareness meter by approaching your HR representative. Ask him or her about the insurance plans or healthcare procedures that the company honors.

Say that your company is covered with the AXA Smart Vision plan. This visionary plan includes comprehensive eye examination, discount on eye-wear, and up to S$300 allowance for frame or contact lens (T&Cs apply).


Why will you buy an expensive pair of spectacles when you can get several pairs delivered at your doorstep? This is the mindset of many Singaporeans who subscribe to cheap prescription eye-wear. You see, multiple cheap pairs do not necessarily equate to a single quality pair.

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Purchasing an expensive high-quality pair that will last you for several years is better than purchasing an inexpensive low-quality pair that will last you for several months. Consider your prescription eye-wear as a health investment.

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Grab a pair of adidas Originals sunglasses in a surprise pack filled with goodies for just $79.90! (worth $250)

Bring home a pair of stylish sunglasses and other attractive branded goodies for only $79.90!

Eye Trendy will be running a Black Friday Sale weekly for the month of November. For the first time, you can stand a chance to walk away with the trendiest branded sunglasses and other goodies for a fraction of its price.

Starting every Friday, customers can participate in their promotion to purchase a $79.90 Surprise Pack filled with goodies worth up to $250. Each surprise pack will contain a pair of mystery sunglasses and two branded merchandises!

For example, an adidas Originals Eyewear Surprise Pack (worth $250) will come with:

  • A pair of adidas Originals by Italia Independent sunglasses
  • adidas Performance water bottle 750ml
  • adidas Originals by Italia Independent eyewear pouch

Each pack will come with a different sunglasses model, and as its name suggest, provides you with plenty of surprises.  To participate, simply sign up by filling in your details during the promotion period and winners will be contacted to purchase this exclusive pack.

How to participate

  1. Access promotion page by clicking the banners (below) during the promotion period.
  2. Fill in your Name, Email and Phone Number to qualify.
  3. Winners will be contacted to purchase their Surprise Pack in store!

Promotion available from 24 – 30 November:



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Tossing Your Spectacles Soon? Here’s How You Can Save On Your Next Pair!

For years on end, I have endured the constant trips to the nearby optical shops. Switching things up became a subtle hobby of mine. I either move away or hop to the bandwagon when it comes to the style of my frames. I cannot be the only one!

The prevalence of Myopia or shortsightedness among Singaporean children was considered as one of the highest in the world. For a trait embedded in our genes, many Singaporeans cannot deny their need for prescription eyewear. This optical necessity does not have to poke a lifetime hole in your pocket.

Here are ways to shop wiser without skip on the eyewear’s quality:


An eyeglass prescription refers to the written order by an optometrist, ophthalmologist, or a qualified professional. It includes all the parameters which are deemed essential to construct or dispense corrective lenses for a patient. If your specific prescription is relatively stable over time, it is best to stick with the same spectacles as long as you can.

Remember that your prescription eyewear is not synonymous to the lifespan of smartphone – such piece of technology can become obsolete in a blink of an eye. Instead, it is a tool that can last you for long.


How long have you had your trusty companion? Well, mine is merely three months old. Do not judge me yet! My last pair lasted for over two years. I had to buy a new one due to the broken lenses and to the drastic change in my eyeglass prescription. Nonetheless, I believe that my current spectacles would last for more than a year.

If you are caught in a similar situation, you may reuse the frame and only purchase new lenses. Take advantage of the replacement services available at your nearby optical shop. The same principle applies for broken frames and mint condition lenses. Reuse the old lenses and ask the sales personnel to help you find the perfect frame.


I alternate between two pairs of spectacles. I mainly use the first pair in my workplace and the other at home. The latter is extremely cheaper than the former. Doing this allows me to maximize the longevity of my costlier pair. My first pair wears down at a slower rate as I spend most of my time at home.

If you only use your spectacles at home, opt for cheaper frames since no one else seems them. You do not have to spend your hard-earned money on designer eyewear to show off at your workplace too. An affordable pair can accomplish the same task anyway!


People who browse intently through the fine print are often rewarded. Unbeknownst to you, your health insurance or employee benefits may cover your eye care expenses. Increase your “awareness meter” by approaching your HR representative. Ask him or her about the insurance plans or healthcare procedures that the company honors.

For instance, there is a group plan called AXA Smart Vision. This innovative plan includes comprehensive eye examination, discount on eyewear, and up to S$300 allowance for frame or contact lens (T&Cs apply).


Unless you have Astigmatism (i.e., a condition which requires professionals to make a custom fit), shopping around entails taking online shops into consideration. OWNDAYS is a brand that is locally available. You can get their prescription eyewear for about S$98 to S$198. Furthermore, you can enjoy 50% off on your second purchase (T&Cs apply). The price includes the optical frames, 1.60 high index aspheric lenses, casing, and cloth cleaner.

Here are just some hacks to help you shop for your next pair of prescription eyewear. I encourage you to use your creativity when finding other ways to save money in every step of the process.

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Perfect Places To Buy Cheap Spectacles In Singapore

Aside from our love for sumptuous food, most of us have another thing in common – our need for prescription eyewear.

First, let us get the facts straight…

a. The prevalence of Myopia or short-sightedness among Singaporean children was considered as one of the highest in the world.

b. The average price for the retailer’s generic brand is nothing less than S$200.

As you can see, a lifetime supply of prescription eyewear would cost you over S$12,000! This is why savvy Singaporeans look for alternatives that enable them to get quality yet affordable eyewear products.

Echo them and get your money’s worth with this list…


Hailing from the Philippines, this startup company graced Singapore’s e-commerce scene in 2014.

Since then, Four Eyes has been selling pairs of glasses (including the lenses) for as low as S$88. Their variety of colors, lens types, materials, shapes, and sizes will take you to countless hours of eyewear shopping heaven!

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What’s more? Four Eyes’ glasses are inclusive of free shipping and 6 months warranty.


New China Opticians has been in the business for over 90 years!

With their longstanding experience in eyewear, customers can expect good products at friendly prices. In their shop at 3 Coleman Street, glasses are sold for as low as S$40. This bargain price is suitable for people who will be needing glasses for a short-term basis or for kids who are prone to breaking their spectacles.


The strong appeal of OWNDAYS is probably rooted from their quick services and cheap prices.

You do not have to worry if you are rushing to work because for as short as 20 minutes, you can get your brand new prescription glasses for S$98-198. Amazingly, the price includes the optical frames, 1.60 high index aspheric lenses, casing, and cloth cleaner already.

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Image Credits:

BONUS: If you are looking for non-prescription glasses for fashion’s sake, you can purchase cheap pairs at Zalora!

Zalora is one of the top online retailers that sell shoes, apparel, beauty products, and accessories such as eyewear. Zalora’s collection of glasses for both men and women fits in a spectrum of style, coolness, and classicism. Get your very own pair for as low as S$15!

Image Credits:

Image Credits:

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