7 Last-Minute Father’s Day Gifts Under S$45

Finding the perfect gift for Dad can be a real challenge, especially when he insists, he wants nothing. Although your dad claims he needs nothing, he’ll never turn down the opportunity to spend quality time with you. So, here are some fun ideas to make Father’s Day special!

Don’t forget, Father’s Day is tomorrow – June 18.


What better gift for a father who loves indulging in chocolates? Hello Chocolate offers a delightful collection of Father’s Day gift sets featuring chocolates from around the world. You can choose from the “Chocolate Gift Creator”, which allows you to handpick the chocolates for the gift, or the “For the Best Dad” set that includes alcohol-infused chocolates. And if you feel tempted to order a set for yourself on the side, we completely understand. The price starts at $17.

Buy it here: hellochocolate.asia


Does your dad love to relax after a long day? Make this day even more special by conveying your heartfelt love for your dad with a personalized cushion, starting from just $42.00. This thoughtful gift is sure to bring a smile to his face and let him know how much he means to you.

Buy it here: fnp.sg

Image Credits: unsplash.com


If you’re thinking about getting your dad a fresh set of workout outfits, you don’t have to search far! Decathlon Singapore is the place to go, offering a fantastic selection of affordable yet top-notch options that are just right for him. Surprise your dad with the DOMYOS Men’s Fitness Eco-Friendly Shorts and KALENJI Men’s Running T-Shirt, both priced under $50. These choices are not only comfortable and lightweight but also designed to elevate his workout experience to a whole new level. He’ll appreciate the effort you put into finding him the perfect exercise gear.

Buy these here:www.decathlon.sg


Written by World Barista Champion James Hoffmann, The World Atlas of Coffee takes you on an incredible journey through the world of coffee, from the humble bean to the perfect brew. Priced at $37.80, this book is a coffee lover’s dream come true. With detailed insights into coffee production in over 35 countries and beautifully illustrated pages, it’s not only an informative read but also a stunning addition to any coffee table. If your dad is a coffee geek, this book is an absolute gem that he’ll truly love. It’s the perfect gift to support his passion for all things coffee.

Buy it here: singapore.kinokuniya.com


Baseus, renowned for their power banks, doesn’t disappoint in the gadget department with their T2 Mini Intelligent Bluetooth tracker. What’s more? It’s lightweight at a mere 5g. And here’s a neat trick: when the battery runs low, simply pop open the case and replace it with a CR2032 battery that you can easily find at minimarts.

For under S$12, it’s a handy little tool for tagging all your precious knick-knacks. Android users can pair up to 4 Intelligent T2 trackers using the Baseus Smart app, while iPhone users can link up to 6. With this tracker, your dad will never lose track of his belongings again!

Buy it here: lazada.sg


Whether you’re planning a Father’s Day lunch at home or a picnic outdoors, here’s an idea to make it extra special – assemble a board filled with delicious cheese and charcuterie. And for a truly indulgent treat, why not include this exquisite truffle-infused brie imported directly from France? It boasts a rich and creamy texture, complemented by its distinctive earthy and mushroom flavors. The best part? You can get this gourmet delight for just $17.00. It’s a delightful addition to any Father’s Day celebration!

Buy it here: littlefarms.com


Get ready to be blown away with your father at the ultimate beer event, the Brewnanza Fest by Brewlander. This vibrant festival brings together over 20 of the most innovative craft breweries from America, Asia, Australia, Europe, and United Kingdom. From August 3rd to 6th, 2023, the Bayfront Event Space will be transformed into a buzzing hub of excitement. Get ready to indulge in an expertly curated selection of over 100 unique beers, including never-seen-before brews crafted by renowned international breweries.

Image Credits: facebook.com/brewlander

But that’s not all! Your ticket to this incredible event includes a complimentary beer redemption, allowing you to savor the flavors of your choice. Don’t miss out on this unforgettable experience and secure your early bird tickets now, priced at just $25.

Buy it here: brewlander.com

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10 Gifts You Should Never Give This Christmas

There is nothing worse than watching someone opening your gift and pretending to like it! Avoid cringe-worthy moments like this by familiarizing yourself with the following types of gifts that people would rather not receive this Christmas.

Do not waste your money on these gifts!

#1: PETS

Living, breathing creature as a present is a bad idea! Being stuck with them for the remainder of your life can seem scary, especially if you will gift a lizard. Never get someone an animal they may not be able to take care of.

Image Credits: pixabay.com


What message are you sending by gifting exercise gear? We all have at least one friend who is obsessed with fitness, gifting exercise gear to said friend is acceptable. However, you do not want to risk unintentionally insinuating that he or she needs to lose weight.


Gifting a work dress is tricky! You might not get the right size. Can you imagine the look on your friend’s face when you bought a Size 10 and she wears a Size 4?


Not safe for work, novels can be embarrassing to open in front of friends and family. There would be so many shades of red if that happens.


It is insulting to insinuate that someone needs anti-aging creams. What about giving a nice, seasonally scented lotion instead? Peppermint or cinnamon lotion sounds delicious to me!


It might seem like an obvious one, but you would hate to receive a calendar that is only good for a month. Do not give a calendar for a year that already happened.


Your friends and family are going to wonder what you are really trying to say if they were to open a bag filled with cleaning supplies. Your cleaning tools and sprays might put a smile on your face, but you might send a wrong message across.


Much like giving exercise gear, signing someone up for a monthly gym membership could have a negative connotation. Plus, aside from its potential for offense, a gym membership serves as a reminder that New Year’s resolutions are right around the corner.

Image Credits: pixabay.com


Did you just visit Bali or Maldives? Then, they do not need a tacky magnet to commemorate your experience. Look for inspiration elsewhere.


They were the hottest toy years ago but have proven to be dangerous. Authorities recalled thousands of models all over the world. So, please find a safer toy to give to your favorite nieces and nephews.

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Under S$30 Secret Santa Gift Ideas That Don’t Look Cheap

Secret Santa is a Yuletide tradition that many offices and families honor every year. What is meant to be a fun gift-exchange activity can be stressful because of the tiresome shopping involved. Whether you have to purchase presents for co-workers you do not know very well or you struggle with finding gender-neutral gifts within your budget, this list can give you Secret Santa gift ideas.

It is never too early to start thinking about Christmas gifts and how much budget you would need to allocate for them. Grab a chair as we have put together a list of gifts with a S$2 to S$28 budget.


Working alongside artisans that use sustainable materials, Monkey Loot is a Singapore store supporting the development and continuation of cultural legacy in Southeast Asian countries. Their items are handcrafted by artisans using zero chemicals and 100% natural ingredients. Moreover, these items are polished with Beeswax.

Image Credits: monkeyloot.com

Due to its authenticity, items will not be exactly the same. Who does not want to be gifted with a unique piece? You can choose to buy the Sapa Teakwood Cutting Board / Platter / Tray for S$28 or the Seda Sapodilla Wood Coaster Set for S$16.50.


Give the gift of tranquility amidst the busy holiday season with a DIY tea set. Your loved ones or co-workers will appreciate the organic range of Pukka teas which offer soothing flavors like Chamomile, Vanilla & Manuka Honey, or Turmeric Gold. These teas retail for about S$9.20 at FairPrice.

Complete your tea set by purchasing teacups for a little over S$2 at Daiso. There are a lot of assorted patterned teacups to choose from at Daiso.


If you are looking for a gift that is perfectly suited for foodies and cooking enthusiasts, you can never go wrong with a cookware set. IKEA’s ANNONS five-piece cookware set (S$18.90) includes three different sized pots and two glass lids. It is made from stainless steel, which makes it durable and easy to clean.

Image Credits: ikea.com/sg


Looking good on the outside radiates on the inside. If you are looking for a skincare gift set that can complete your recipient’s skincare routine, search no further than Sephora’s Holiday Vibes Mini Mania Skincare Gift Set (S$22.40). This set includes six essentials for a complete skincare routine. This set completes your routine from cleansing, makeup removal, moisturizing, and radiance.

The set includes the triple action cleansing water, all day hydrator, overnight glow mask, ultra-glow serum, brightening eye cream, and clean skin gel. What’s more? It comes with a pouch made with 30% recycled plastic.


Thanks to the Cath Kidston Magical Woodland Sleep Essential Packset, you can give others the gift of a good night’s sleep. Featuring its two products – the lavender-infused sleep spray and calming lavender rollerball gel. These products help create the perfect aroma for a peaceful slumber. This gift set retails for S$23.90 at Watsons.


Bored of normal-looking jewelry dishes? Artists from eatandsip.co created jewelry and dishes that feature one-of-a-kind designs. Its ring dish (S$24) is made from speckled clay and fired to 1250 degree Celsius. Expect curvy forms, bright eye-catching colors, and good artisanship.

Image Credits: eatandsip.co

The watercolor jewelry dish (S$24), on the other hand, is slip-casted by Louise Martiensen in Sydney. This plate is made from white porcelain with a wash of ceramic paint applied to its surface. It mimics a water-color paint effect, with a clear glaze on the surface.


Budget-friendly Gifts For Your Beloved Girlfriend, Under S$50

Gift-giving is not always easy! If your partner is interested in gadgets, there are hundreds of options from kitchen gadgets to the latest iPhone 13. Apart from the wide variety of options, your gift will depend on the occasion. Fortunately for you, here is a list of gift ideas that you can present on any occasion. Most of these items are available online too!


Launched in 2020 by superstar Rihanna, Fenty Skin was created to fill in the gaps that exist across all skin types and tones. Fenty Skin is a cult favorite brand along with its predecessor Fenty Beauty. Give your special someone the gift of beauty by purchasing the Total Cleans’R Remove-It-All Cleanser. This is a 2-in-1 makeup remover and cleanser that gives you the luxurious deep clean you deserve. Its creamy lather removes dirt, oil, pollution, and long wear makeup without harming your skin. It costs S$21 at Sephora.


The artisan chocolates that you can buy at specialty shops are a complete waste of money when you can make a box of chocolates by yourself. Even beginners can still make homemade chocolates as a gift.

Start by laying classic-shaped or square crunchy mini pretzels on a baking sheet. Then, place one bar of chocolate on top of each pretzel. Pop these in a pre-heated oven for about five minutes or until the chocolates begin to soften. Take these out of the oven and allow them to set. Do not worry about the price tags as the ingredients can cost you less than S$6 at your nearest supermarket.


Birthdays, anniversaries, or Valentine’s Day can be celebrated in your own home. Set up the surprise before your partner goes to work. Use the back of your car as your creative space and put banners, streamers, and balloons inside. These decorations cost less than S$10 at Shopee or Lazada.


Help your lover find her inner peace with different essential oils or diffuser sets. Gifting a diffuser will allow her to create an at-home spa vibe.

If you are looking for a classic calming aroma that can fill your space with relaxing notes, then you can get the HOOGA Reed Diffuser. It is non-electronic and extremely easy to use. The capacity is 200 ml. Price starts at S$19.90 at Lazada.


Aspiring plant moms will be delighted with a trio of succulents. Marked by experts as the best type of plants for beginners, your girlfriend can enjoy fresh houseplants delivered straight to her doorstep.

The World Farm or Hua Hng Trading is one of the largest garden centers in Singapore. Prices here are usually cheaper than most nurseries and they readily stock the bestsellers such as succulents (from S$3), herbs (from S$5), and flowering plants (from S$9).

Image Credits: unsplash.com

Whether you are celebrating an anniversary or a birthday, the expectations can be high while your funds are low. If your bank account balance limits what you can spend on, consider the items on this list. Have a romantic day without spending too much!


Is Regifting Okay?

The practice of gift recycling or re-purposing gifts is often considered as taboo. While we all have given gifts to our loved ones and friends in several occasions, finding the right gift is extremely hard. There are many factors such as the time spent on travel, queues in the malls, and overwhelming options. It comes as no surprise that Singaporeans will opt for alternatives to the gift giving process such as giving personalized items.

It is probably safe to assume that we all, at some point, have regifted something. I will not blame you if you deny it. It is typical to feel a sense of guilt when passing along an item that was picked out just for you. A gift is something special and you do not want the giver to feel that his or her efforts were put to waste.

However, regifting is acceptable. The rising popularity of sustainable goods has welcomed the process of regifting. Why toss something that may be cherished by someone else? It is alright to regift as long as you follow certain guidelines.


As obvious as this may sound, you must not regift to someone who interacts with the original giver. You will be caught in an uncomfortable situation if you give your co-worker’s present to your boss. Keep in mind that some of your social circles may overlap.


When re-purposing a gift, ensure that the item is brand new or still in its original packaging. Inspect the gift to look for signs of wear and tear. Moreover, the present must not be personalized for you. Watch out for engraved monograms or hidden letters inside the box.


Do not give family heirlooms away. Your mother may have given your grandmother’s ring as a Christmas present. The design may not be your cup of tea, but you have a friend who loves vintage items. As much as she would love the ring, please do not regift the ring. Hit up a thrift store or a flea market instead. Your grandmother’s ring belongs in a jewelry box to be passed down to your future daughter.


Elevate the presentation by rewrapping the gift. If the cardboard box or the original packaging is crumpled, purchase a fresh box. Then, pick out a beautiful wrapper that the recipient will like. Add ribbons and bows too!


When regifting an item, you must think about what the recipient will want to receive. Regift an item that you would have purchased for the individual had you gone to the store. Who would be excited to own the item?


There are certain situations when regifting a present is acceptable. You can only regift an item that has never been been opened before, that does not belong to the same social circle, and that has the recipient in mind. You can also regift something generic such as a box of Valentine’s Day chocolates. In the event that you get caught regifting, opt for honesty. Be upfront about it, especially to the people close to you.

Image Credits: unsplash.com

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