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A brief look at debt settlement options in Singapore

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Do you know that the average household debt in Singapore is about S$55,000 per capita? With a value that high, there’s no doubt that it’s about time to learn how to manage your debt and minimise it as much as you can. Financial freedom is within reach if you’re able to settle your debt in time the right way. Here’s a brief look at various debt settlement options available on our sunny island. #1: Self-Administration One of the easiest ways


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Top tips on how to pay off credit card debt quickly

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Getting your first credit card is often a liberating experience for many. The idea of having that financial freedom in your wallet and being able to buy almost anything on credit is exciting but sometimes dangerous. Without financial discipline and careful planning, debt can rack up fast. One missed payment can turn into two, and suddenly interest pools up until you’re staring at a balance you can’t imagine paying back. Here are some top tips on how to pay off