Work or study in a private booth at SAFRA Jurong; free one-time entry for first-time users

Work from anywhere, for you and your team at SAFRA Jurong The world’s first on-demand platform for workspace, Switch, has arrived at SAFRA Jurong. Switch is your key to unlocking workspaces wherever and whenever you need it so you can be productive anytime, anywhere. Find your preferred workspace using the Switch mobile app—from a co-working space to a private booth and pay only for the time used, be it for just a minute or an hour! Two new private work booths have arrived in


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Co-working Spaces under $50 per day in Singapore

Co-working has inevitably become a part of the modern industry since way back in 2011, when it little by little, started to get known in Singapore. With the steadfast everyday call of financial liabilities, business-minded folks often seek for workstations that are not only flexible but also affordable. Here are some must-try co-working spaces with rates under $50/ day in Singapore. THE HIVE With a day pass of $30, The Hive, located on the corner of New Bridge Road and


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The Financial Benefits Of Using A Coworking Space In Singapore

Singapore is primed to be the leading financial centre in the world, even getting close enough to compete with Hong Kong, New York, and London. A long-standing favourite of business, Singapore’s government policy is why the country has done so well in the last few years. Another reason the country is attractive to business is that its infrastructure makes navigating the country feasible. For businesses looking for office space, this infrastructure has made finding appropriate, affordable space easier. The coworking