Super Mario toys now available in McDonald’s Happy Meals from 4 Jan 2018

McDonald’s and Nintendo Team up to Bring Super Mario Happy Meal Toys

If you buy a Happy Meal in from today till 24 January 2018, you’ll get one of eight different recognizable toys: Invincible Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Bowser, Yoshi, Piranha Plant, a Red Koopa Shell or a Connecting Block. Each of the toys does something special — for instance, one of the Mario figures is translucent and lights up in various colors.

Check them out below:

Note: The original image seems to show a different year which is incorrect. We have reached out to McDonald’s Singapore.

You can get a preview of the toys here: (Spoiler Alert)

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Terms & Conditions

Happy Meal toys shown are for illustration purposes only. Happy Meal toys are only available while stocks last. McDonald’s reserves the right to replace Happy Meal toys on offer without prior notice. All promotion dates are subject to change without prior notice. Happy Meal toys are non exchangeable. Prices of Happy Meal may vary across different restaurants.

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