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Spin the wheel with your transport cards and walk home with sure-win prizes from now till 18 September

There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch? We beg to differ!

EZ-Link has launched a Spin The Wheel campaign that lets you walk home with attractive prizes from now till 18 September.

Your transport cards with the exception of Concession and Co-brand cards will give you a chance to spin the wheel and win exclusive rewards. Everybody wins in their sure-win lucky spin.

Each user can use up to 3 transport cards by entering their CAN IDs on the Spin The Wheel page here.

Win prizes such as: 

  • $100 ez-link card (it can be used for transit and non-transit payments)
  • Disney Tsum Tsum EZ-Charm (worth $19.90)
  • Limited Edition Tote Bag (worth $15)
  • $5 load value
  • $2 load value

Spin The Wheel


So what are you waiting for? Look for 3 transport cards and spin the wheel up to 3 times! Win limited edition goodies or an ez-link card worth up to $100! There is nothing to lose!


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