Quick time management tips for 9 to 5 workers looking to run a side business

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So you want to run a side hustle or maybe already in the process of starting one?

A 9 to 5 life can be tiring if you’re bogged down by tasks from the moment you clock in for work to the second you sign off. But for those who are not so busy during weekdays, you will probably find it easier to allocate time on earning extra income outside of your full-time job.

But still, without proper time-management routines, it is possible to side-track to do something else after you knock off from work. If that is you, keep reading for some quick tips to find time to run your side business.

#1: Seek helping hands

Most start-up owners would rather begin the journey doing everything by themselves. Yes, it helps save on costs but ask yourself if you can do so for the long term. Chances are, you might get burned out while holding onto a 9 to 5 job.

Weigh the consequences over the long run, and you will see that it makes sense to find helping hands to run your business. Whether it’s a freelance graphic designer or a part-time IT personnel, outsource if you want to keep running this race.

#2: Group existing tasks

No, we’re not referring to multi-tasking. For folks who have ever multi-task or at least attempted to, you will quickly find that your mind is all over the place. Rather than doing five things at one go, a more intelligent way is to group existing tasks.

For example, if you’re cooking porridge for the family on Sunday, why not go for a bigger pot so it can last you till the end of the new work week? Also, instead of mindlessly scrolling via social media, listen to some business-related podcasts on your way to work.

#3: Set work appointments

When you set work appointments, be sure to pen it down somewhere. For individuals in the early stage of their side hustle and just working with one other person, maybe you can stick to Google calendar to map out your schedule.

But if you’re working in a team, maybe an application like Asana would help set and track work tasks and projects. The idea here is that you schedule specific blocks of time to complete your to-do list rather than postponing it indefinitely.

Final thoughts
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You’ve often heard people telling you to push your limits. While it’s good that you work hard towards success, remember that you’re only human. Having a full-time job comes with responsibilities, and it’s okay to take time off your side hustle when necessary.

If you’ve stayed on schedule during weekdays, then why not take a “half-day leave” on weekends to refresh your mind? While earning that extra money is essential, it’s not everything in life. Balance is crucial so learn to rest up if you need to.

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