Over 30 irresistible $0.57 National Day e-deals now available at AMK Hub and Swing By @ Thomson Plaza!

Fastest fingers first! Grab irresistible $0.57 e-deals on the M Malls Mobile App daily from 8 to 14 August. Simply purchase the $0.57 e-deal from any of the participating retailers on the M Malls App and present the e-coupon at the participating retailer for redemption. Limited to 1 purchase per deal per M Malls Account.

$0.57 e-deals you can look forward to at AMK Hub include CHICHA San Chen Bubble Milk Tea (U.P. $6.30), Auntie Anne’s Cinnamon Sugar Pretzel (U.P. $3.60), ARTEA’s Avocado Milkshake (U.P. $5.80), and more. At Swing By @ Thomson Plaza, look forward to tasty $0.57 e-deals from Duke Bakery, Fragrance, Tamago-EN, and more!

Kindly refer to Appendix A for the full list of deals.

Appendix A

$0.57 Deals (AMK Hub)
ARTEA #B1-66 to 68 Avocado Milkshake (U.P. $5.80)
Auntie Anne’s #01-09/10 Cinnamon Sugar Pretzel (U.P. $3.60)
CHICHA San Chen #B1-65A/B Bubble Milk Tea (U.P. $6.30)
CROLO by Swee Heng #B1-18 Savoury Croissants/Croffles (U.P. $2.70)
CROLO by Swee Heng #B1-18 Sweet Croissants/Croffles (U.P. $2.70)
Cube-i #02-43 Character Balloons on Stick (U.P. $4.90)
Dunkin’ Donuts #01-14 to 16 Ice Chocolate with 1 Donut (U.P. $5.70)
Fragrance Bak Kwa #B2-20 Crispy Bak Kwa with Almonds (U.P. $6.80)
Kahuna Acai #01-03A Almond Butter/Cashew Butter (Regular size) (U.P. $6)
Kskin #02-46 $10 e-voucher (U.P. $10)
Kuriya Japanese Market #B2-52 Onigiri (U.P. $2.50)
PeekaBox #02-25 Singlets Notebook (U.P. $5.90)
Potato Corner #B2-19 Jumbo Fries (U.P. $4.30)
Shake Shake in a Tub #B2-47 Popcorn Chicken Combo (Medium size) (U.P. $6.70)
Shan Cheng (Express) #B2-45 Ipoh Chu Cheong Fun (Curry/Special Sauce) (U.P. $5.70)
SMASH #B2-48 Soto Ayam (U.P. $5.50)
SMASH #B2-48 Nasi Dory Penyet (U.P. $8.90)
[email protected] #02-50 Fast Charge Cable (Micro USB, Type-C, Lightning) (U.P. $12)
WALAH #01-25/26 Dessert Cutlery Set (U.P. $9.90)
Yu Ba Fang #B2-32 YBF Special Minced Pork Rice (U.P. $7.90)
Yu Ba Fang #B2-32 YBF Classic Signature Pan-Fried Dumplings (4 pcs) (U.P. $5.90)
$0.57 Deals (Swing By @ Thomson Plaza)
Duke Bakery #01-K2 Cake Slice (U.P. $6.20)
Duke Bakery #01-K2 Handmade Cookies (U.P. $7.60)
Fragrance #01-K10 Crispy Bak Kwa with Almonds (U.P. $6.80)
Fragrance #01-K10 Salted Egg Fish Skin (70g) (U.P. $7.60)
Hajime Tonkatsu & Ramen #01-110 Roasted Edamame (U.P. $5.80)
Hajime Tonkatsu & Ramen #01-110 Black Coffee (100% Arabica Beans) (U.P. $3)
Huggs Collective #03-46/47 Iced Pandan Kopi/Teh (16 oz) (U.P. $4.50)
Le Tian Tian #01-K8 Grass Jelly with Longan (U.P. $3.20)
Le Tian Tian #01-K8 Ice Jelly with Longan (U.P. $3.20)
Tai Chong Kok #01-K1 Bamboo Basket Piglets (U.P. $5)
Tamago-EN #01-108 Homemade Egg Pudding (U.P. $6.50)
Tamago-EN #01-108 Matcha Homemade Egg Pudding (U.P. $6.50)
Tingkat PeraMakan #03-43 Nyonya Chap Chye (U.P. $7.20)
Tingkat PeraMakan #03-43 Sago Gula Melaka (U.P. $2.90)

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