Old Chang Kee Will Be Launching Nacho Cheese Curry Puff From 1 November 2019

Come 1 November 2019, it’s a cheesy celebration for Old Chang Kee for the festive season. They’ve brought back everyone’s favourite puff, the Cheesy Curry Chicken’O this round to bring up the festive celebration.

Savour our original Curry’O signature fillings of curried potatoes, chunky chicken, egg and boosted with Nacho cheese for the luscious indulgent.

Each Cheesy Curry Chicken’O is retailing at $2.00/pc, 2 for $3.60.

Grab one now while the season is here. Valid for a limited time only.

To double up your cheesy delight, enjoy their new Spicy Cheese Mid Joint Wings, with golden crispy wings sprinkled with spicy cheese powder. Super addictive.

The Spicy Cheese Mid Joint Wings is retailing at $3.50/cup for 6 pieces. Valid for a limited time only.

This is a media release by Old Chang Kee.

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