Most Beautiful Flower Bouquets For Weddings & Other Romantic Events

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If you want to add beauty to a wedding ceremony or to encapsulate a meaningful message for a person, you may look for the perfect blooms. This may not be an easy task as it takes planning in order for you to locate the best flower arrangement at a friendly price.

To give you an idea of what are the current flower trends in the market, here are some flower arrangements that you may consider. Moreover, please ensure that the flower shop you are eyeing on is open during this time.


Move away traditional veils as flower crowns take the center stage! With the growing popularity of free-spirited bohemian chic weddings and events, more and more brides have been opting for halo blooms that exude ultimate “bohoness”. Flower crowns can either be made by the wonderfully delicate Gypsophila (Baby’s-breath) or by the vibrant fullness of Hydrangea.

It is best to do it by yourself. Remember that it all depends your personal preference. However, if you are looking for a bouquet that combines the calming blend of white Hydrangea and Baby’s Breath, you may go for Wildflower’s “Fuyu” arrangement costing S$77.90 or the preserved lavender-scented Hydrangea for S$33.


Nothing screams sophistication better than a clean and simple bouquet filled with a single variety of blooms. To achieve the sophisticated charm look, your floral arrangement must be in the shades of white and ivory. Opt for a traditional handful of calla lilies or roses to create an impact yet still keeping the timeless elegance.

You may consider the combination of snow roses and cool succulents by A Better Florist. It retails for S$93, which includes free shipping.


If you want to feel like Princess Diana on your intimate wedding day, you may also carry a cascading bouquet. Cascading bouquets are versatile arrangements that can add volume, drama, color, and texture to any type of wedding. Opt for this floral arrangement if you want to leave a memorable statement!

Princess Diana’s 42-inch long bouquet had white orchids, roses, and myrtle. You may get a potted White Orchid Phalaenopsis Arrangement for S$129 at Farm Florist or cheaper potted Orchid options at Carousell (some retail for as low as S$7).


With the same free-spirited look as the bohemian floral, freestyle blossoms are mixed flower arrangements that can be picked out within one’s home. Freestyle floral arrangements are consist of flowers that fall within a color palette and non-floral items such as acorns and berries that give off a wild yet magical look.

This unique bouquet is sure to make some heads turn. Picking out the flowers that you already have not only minimizes the costs, but also helps you to customize your own bouquet.


Aside from the blooms that you carry to the aisle, they can be used as decorative ornaments to brighten the place. These are also good gifts to your friends or parents. Use your creative juices as you put a bunch of blooms inside Mason jars for table centerpieces or inside vintage bottles that you can hang all over the reception.

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Hanging plants such as Petunia are available on Carousell. One seller is even selling a potted Petunia plant for only S$5.

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