Menya Sakura to offer 1-for-1 ramen from 20 – 22 Mar. Enjoy Nagoya-style ramen by Celebrity Chef

★Menya Sakura Grand Opening 20th March 2017★

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1-for-1 Ramen for 3 days only.
Each day one signature ramen will be 1-for-1.
– Day 1 (20 March): ☆Chuka Soba Special
– Day 2 (21 March): ☆Tonkotsu Ramen Special
– Day 3 (22 March): ☆Tsukemen Special

Visit Menya Sakura at 69 Boat Quay.
First Menya Sakura, Nagoya-style ramen shop, in Singapore
Menya Sakura Singapore at Boat Quay specializes in Nagoya-style ramen with rich and full-flavoured soup.
This is the first branch of Menya Sakura from Nagoya city, Japan.

☆Chuka Soba☆

Ramen 1
Ramen served in Shoyu based soup. The soup is made from clear chicken soup, fish dashi and aged soy sauce. It is light yet so flavourful.

☆Tonkotsu Ramen☆ Ramen 2 Usual Tonkotsu is brewed from pork bones, but our special Tonkotsu is brewed from pig’s heads and requires 12 hours to prepare. Taste of soup is rich but surprisingly clean.

☆ Tsukemen☆ Ramen 3

Thicker ramen noodles are used here, to go well with the dipping soup. The soup is a blend of pork bone stock and rich seafood stock. It is intense and satisfying.

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69 Boat Quay 049857 Singapore Tel:

Mon – Sat 11:30 – 22:30

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