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Giant Weekly Deals: Save more with discounted items from now till 19 August 2020

Giant Weekly Deals till 19 August 2020

Earlier today (13 August), we wrote about FairPrice’s weekly deals and 1-for-1 items on selected brands. If you’ve yet to check that out, click this link to see the discounted items you can get from now till 20 August.

Meanwhile, let’s have a look at what Giant is offering this week, from now till 19 August.

#1: URBAN OASIS Hanna Bath Towel 60x120cm

Hanna Bath Towel

Usual Price: 4.90 SGD

Sale Price: 3 SGD

Discount: 38% off

Honestly, how often do you change your bath towels? If you’re noticing wear and tear or a damp and musty smell even after washing, it’s time to get a new one. The bad smell is due to bacteria trapped within the towel fibres which can’t be eliminated through washing.

#2: RIVERCREST Australia Red Wine

Australia Red Wine

Usual Price: 18 SGD

Sale Price: 13 SGD

Discount: 27% off

Rivercrest’s red wine has a pleasing balance of a variety of red wine grapes. Enjoy this bottle of goodness with pasta, cheese, or grilled beef this weekend. This product contains 11.5% alcohol.

#3: KRAUSEBOURG Lager Beer 6sx320ml

Lager Beer

Usual Price: 11.60 SGD

Sale Price: 8.60 SGD

Discount: 25% off

And since we’re on the topic of alcohol, consider getting this European style six-can beer pack that’s brewed to perfection. This product contains 4% alcohol.

#4: SKIPPY Peanut Butter Creamy 500g

Peanut Butter Creamy 500g

Usual Price: 6.75 SGD

Sale Price: 5.50 SGD

Discount: 18% off

How do you like your peanut butter – creamy or chunky? I prefer the creamy version and that’s why I’m showcasing this. If you like the chunky version, get it here.

#5: ZESPRI Zespri Sun Gold Kiwifruit 420g

Zespri Sun Gold Kiwifruit 420g

Usual Price: 5.95 SGD

Sale Price: 4.95 SGD

Discount: 16% off

Do you know the benefits of eating kiwi? This little fruit is packed with nutrients like vitamin C, vitamin K, vitamin E, folate, and potassium. It also has lots of antioxidants and is a good source of fibre.

#6: DORITOS Tortilla Chips Cool Ranch 198.4g

Tortilla Chips Cool Ranch

Usual Price: 4.75 SGD

Sale Price: 2 for 7.60 SGD

Not going to lie… this bag of chips reminds me of parties. Oh, how we miss them. It’s my favourite to-bring food for house gatherings since it’s light to carry. Oops, just gave my secret away. Assorted flavours are available.

#7: BEAUTEX 3 Ply Facial Tissue 5sx100Sheets

3 Ply Facial Tissue

Usual Price: 5.15 SGD

Sale Price: 2 for 8.35 SGD

Save 1.95 SGD when you purchase two packs! That’s about 84 cents per box of tissue.

#8: DOVE Avocado + Calendula Body Wash 1L

Avocado + Calendula Body Wash

Usual Price: 9.70 SGD

Sale Price: 2 for 10.95 SGD

Save big on this promotion since a bottle is only 5.48 SGD! That’s 4.22 SGD of savings per bottle. Comes in a range of options like lavender + chamomile, rose + pomegranate, and more.

#9: HAAGEN DAZS Matcha Green Tea Pint 473ml

Matcha Green Tea Pint

Usual Price: 14.50 SGD

Sale Price: 2 for 19.90 SGD

It’s okay to reward yourself with ice cream when there’s an ongoing promotion. Haagen Dazs going for two for 19.90 SGD! Other than Japanese Matcha green tea, it comes in assorted flavours like Belgian chocolate, salted caramel, white peach & raspberry, and more.

#10: KIT KAT Milk Chocolate – 2 Fingers International Recipe 12+2sx17g

Kit Kat

Usual Price: 6.20 SGD

Sale Price: 2 for 8.95 SGD

32 cents for a piece of kit kat! Pair it with the Haagen Dazs ice cream or have it just as it is.

#11: MILO Refill Pack 900g

Milo Refill Pack

Usual Price: 8.45 SGD

Sale Price: 2 for 15.95 SGD

For peeps who are on a diet but can’t give up milo, making your own milo is better than dabao-ing. That’s because you can skip the condensed milk or sugar by making a cup yourself. A pack goes for approximately 7.98 SGD if you buy two.

#12: MYOJO Mee Poh Dry 5sx80g

Mee Poh Dry

Usual Price: 2.25 SGD

Sale Price: 2 for 3.85 SGD

A pack of five for only 1.93 SGD. Say what?! That’s less than 40 cents per pack of noodles. Comes in other flavours like mee goreng, charmee, Thai tom yam, and more.

#13: NESTLE Milo Nuggets 10sx150g

Milo Nuggets

Usual Price: 5.95 SGD

Sale Price: 2 for 8.95 SGD

Save 2.95 SGD when you buy two packs. You can mix and match with the Smarties Mini Sharepack (12s) if you want a variety than just milo.

#14: SPAIN Black Plum

Black Plum

Usual Price: 0.75 SGD

Sale Price: 10 for 3.95 SGD

While most of us are still working from home, it’s easy to grab that bag of chips or reach for that slice of cake in the fridge. If that is you, stock up on fruits as a healthier tea time snack alternative. A black plum contains about 75 calories only! In fact, they have properties that may help with blood sugar control.

#15: YEO’S Jasmine Green Tea (Not So Sweet)

Jasmine Green Tea

Usual Price: 1.85 SGD

Sale Price: 2 for 2.65 SGD

Sourced from the finest tea leaves origin, carefully and delicately harvested, Yeo’s Jasmine Green Tea has the robust aroma of quality green tea and also a calming Jasmine floral note. Lower in sugar, it is best enjoyed on its own or as a complement to dishes. Save 52 cents per bottle when you buy two!

#16: Sutchi Cube 450g

Sutchi Cube

Usual Price: 4.90 SGD

Sale Price: 2 for 5 SGD

This is not a scam. It is only 2.50 SGD per pack if you buy two! This nutritious white meat fish comes skinless and boneless for you to whip up quick, delicious dishes for the family.

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