Dinosaur McFlurry, Angus Mushroom Supreme & Potato Wedges will be available at McDonald’s S’pore from 28 Nov 19

The flavours you love never felt so alive.

Whether you love juicy grilled mushroom or melty Colby cheese, 100% Angus beef brings out all your favourite flavours. Taste it for yourself with the Signature Collection – featuring the Angus Mushroom Supreme, Classic Angus Cheese and the Original Angus Cheeseburger.

Angus Mushroom Supreme

The returning favourite combines juicy grilled mushroom, caramelised onion and herb aioli sauce, with 100% Angus beef taking these flavours to the next level. It’s a mouth-watering masterpiece you wouldn’t want to miss!

Allergen information: Angus Mushroom Supreme contains egg, milk, soybean, wheat and gluten.

Classic Angus Cheese (Mildly Spicy)

It begins with a juicy, 100% Angus beef patty tucked between melty Colby cheese slices. Layered with chicken bacon, tomato jalapeno relish and caramelised grilled onion, and topped with creamy garlic aioli sauce. Finished with aromatic glazed buns for full-on deliciousness.

Allergen information: Classic Angus Cheese contains egg, milk, soybean, wheat and gluten.

Original Angus Cheeseburger

Made from all that you love – two slices of melty cheese, slivered onion and juicy, 100% Angus beef. All between aromatic glazed buns for an irresistible finish.

Allergen information: Original Angus Cheeseburger contains milk, soybean, wheat and gluten.

Buttermilk Crispy Chicken

Juicy, crispy whole-muscle chicken thigh flavoured with buttermilk. Served with melty Colby cheese and romaine lettuce, and drizzled with black pepper mayo. Topped with grilled pineapple rings and crisp purple cabbage. All between a glazed bun, all delightful with every bite!

Allergen information: Buttermilk Crispy Chicken contains egg, milk, soybean, wheat and gluten.

Potato Wedges

Golden and crispy on the outside, soft and warm on the inside. The tasty treat complements any meal!

Allergen information: Potato Wedges contain wheat.

Dinosaur McFlurry®

Chomp into a roar-some treat! Creamy and chocolatey, the Dinosaur McFlurry® is made of vanilla soft serve swirled with everyone’s favourite MILO®. And garnished with malty MILO® powder in true MILO® Dinosaur fashion.

Allergen information: Dinosaur McFlurry® contains gluten and milk.

Choco Banana Pie

Pie’s twice as nice when chocolate meets banana in the new Choco Banana Pie, with warm chocolate and thick banana filling in a tasty crust.

Allergen information: Choco Banana Pie contains milk, eggs, soy, wheat and gluten. 

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