Decoding 8 Common Dreams About Money & Success

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Weird, hilarious, senseless, or symbolic are just some of the words that you can use to describe your dreams. It should not really make sense at first because dreams are encrypted messages from our unconscious mind. This is the reason why some dreams are worth interpreting.

Different theories surround dream interpretation. For instance, Sigmund Freud (Austrian neurologist and the founder of psychoanalysis) argued that dreams are disguised fulfillments of repressed wishes and motivations. Carl Jung, on the other hand, saw dreams as prospective and universal. He believed that our dreams have universal meanings across cultures. Their works paved way for the creation of dream dictionaries.

Decoding our dreams may bring awareness to our conscious mind. All you need is to identify the central symbols or themes and look at it as a whole. You can come up with two more or more interpretations for a specific dream sequence. All these interpretations can fit your life.

Now, let us focus on the dreams surrounding money. Dreams about money can represent concepts such as love, responsibility, time, energy, friendship, and more.


If you dreamt about spending a lot of cash in a dream, what could this mean? Well, spending a lot of money in your sleeping state can be a sign that you are carelessly spending in real life. Take cues from your unconscious mind and consider being more intentional when it comes to your purchases.

In its latent form, wasting money in a dream can be associated with how you obtain your goals. If you feel like you are wasting your money in a dream, this can mean that you are wasting your energy on something in real life. You may reprioritize some categories in your budget to stay closer to your goals.


Losing money in a dream may be a sign that your actual financial state is unstable. It can represent a general worry that things are beyond your control or an unpleasant feeling that your finances are out of control.

Focusing on what you can control takes discipline. It is a practice that takes conscious effort and energy. You may start by assessing your cash flow.


Many people fantasize of winning the lottery. In fact, the next TOTO draw is today at 9:30 pm. Its estimated jackpot is at $8,000,000 (as of April 1, 2021). Who would not want to win that? In dreams, winning the lottery can be seen as a life-changing stroke of luck.

Dreaming about winning the lottery can be associated with freedom, responsibility, and happiness. It is not just about monetary gain. You may interpret it as gaining recognition or friendship. Alternatively, you may interpret it as not taking responsibility for your own actions or decisions.


A friend of mine once shared about his dream of driving a car. In his dream, he was driving a red luxury car while going around town. According to dream dictionaries, driving a car can mean many things. For starters, a car can represent one’s ability to efficiently make decisions in each situation. When a car is being driven fast, it can be an indication that you are currently feeling stressed out.

Let us go back to my friend’s dream. Driving an expensive vehicle in a dream may mean that you feel like you have an effective strategy in place. Moreover, driving a red car is seen as a symbol of love. His dream may be interpreted as his journey towards finding someone special.


Stealing money in your dream may be a sign that you are willing to do whatever it takes to get what you want. How you feel about acquiring the money can also be an indication of how you feel about going through extreme measure to accomplish something in real life.

Are you willing to exhaust all your efforts to reach what you want in life? This is worth pondering about!


The act of searching for a job in a dream can mean that you are seeking for a new challenge or personal improvement. It may also indicate that you are having a hard time with your current position and you are looking for a new one.


Lending someone money in a dream supposedly means that you are letting people borrow your time, energy, or attention. Who are you lending the money to? This may indicate that you are worried about a friend who is going through a rough time or a family member who has been making some questionable decisions in their career.

Nonetheless, it can be your unconscious mind’s way of telling you that you need to pay attention to these people.


For the past few weeks, I noticed a recurring symbol in my dream. I often dreamt about climbing the stairs. Its frequent occurrence ignited my curiosity in interpreting my dream. Dream dictionaries often associate stairs with progress in certain areas of your life. It can represent feelings of success, failure, fear, and improvement. These feelings depend on whether you ascend or descend a staircase.

If you are happily ascending the flight of stairs, it may mean that you are confident in the face of promotion or moving forward. It can also mean that you are undergoing growth in your experience. In contrast, going down the staircase can mean that you are feeling overlooked for a promotion or you feel like you are descending from a personal stature. It can indicate feelings of failure.

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DISCLAIMER: The meanings behind the dreams are subjective. While others believe that dreams have symbols attached to it, some may see it as mere electrical brain impulses. It is up to you to interpret your dream symbols and how they apply to your personal life. Ultimately, dreams can help you alter your direction and show your innermost emotions.

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