Budget-Friendly Ways To Emphasize Your Abs

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It is possible to score the perfect beach belly without spending too much! Case in point, most of the items on this list are free of charge.


Believe it or not, there is one thing that many novice and some trainers overlook when toning their abs – their diet. Diet plays a vital role in getting your desired look. For instance, you may increase your intake of food rich in omega-3 to trim the body’s excess belly fat. Omega-3 fatty acid in fish oils can cause your body to reduce the amount of fat it stores.

With a dollar, you can purchase a can of sardines at the nearby grocery.


If you are up for a challenge then, running uphill in a relatively fast pace is an efficient way to burn fat. Hill sprints helps you conquer stubborn belly fat while you indulge in a natural setting. Combining the physical benefits of running and the mental benefits of being outdoors sounds like a win-win situation to me!

Singapore offers a wide array of diversity when it comes to its hills. You can go as low as 30 meters (above sea level) in Bukit Kalang or as high as 106 meters (above sea level) in Telok Blangah Hill.


Did you know that it only takes two seconds too make your belly look seemingly flatter? You read that right! Andrea Metcalf, author of the bestselling book Naked Fitness, suggests that you change your posture to suit your desired figure. Highlight your flat belly by dropping your tailbone and pulling your hip bones up. Instill this posture to your daily routine by practicing “the quick fix” while you are standing up or while you are stuck in a queue.

When you are walking, Andrea suggests to keep your tailbone slightly tucked under to remove the pressure from your lower back.


I am not referring to the perfect proposal, which includes a diamond ring and unsigned property documents! Instead, I am encouraging you to engage your abdominal muscles while you walk. To do this, imagine a magnet pulling your belly button backward toward your spine as you stride. Practice this tucking movement until you become comfortable with it.

Walking can help firm one’s abs. Share this benefit by inviting a chum as you enjoy a healthy stroll.


Research has shown that insufficient sleep was associated with greater fat accumulation around the stomach region. Why is this so? For starters, your body produces more cortisol (i.e., a hormone that mediates various metabolic processes) when you do not get enough shut-eye. The increased production of cortisol can boost your appetite. Thus, you have a tendency to gain more fat as you overeat.

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It is recommended to have at least seven hours of rest. Having sufficient sleep can aid in maintaining your toned belly.

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