6 Benefits of Staycation in Singapore

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The staycation trend has increased significantly in recent years. Instead of travelling far for your vacation, you can stay in a hotel nearby to act as a tourist discovering local attractions.

Staycations have several benefits that make them attractive to couples and groups of friends. Here are some of the benefits:


Staycations are more cost-efficient than traveling overseas due to cutting expenses such as airfare and expensive meals. Travel and accommodation can cost a lot of money. A chunk of vacation budget goes towards these categories.

When you are preparing for a staycation, you can use your money towards more entertainment activities and delightful food.


Say goodbye to airport stress and the possibility of flight delays. Your travel time will be shortened due to staycationing nearby. Aside from saving time, you do not have to deal with the stress of queuing, traffic, and so on.

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Having some down time can give you a chance to explore innovative ideas. Steer away from chaos and generate fresh ideas as you lounge in the hotel lobby or sit near the hotel pool. Inspirations can later be turned into productive projects.


If the vacation days your organization gave you is short, it is vital to make use of your time. It is easier and more practical to allot it in a weekend getaway.

You can be spontaneous year-round as you book and enjoy a relaxing break, within Singapore. Consider alternative places such as a glamping staycation, a staycation in a yacht, at SG Hotel On Wheels, or at Resorts World Sentosa.


With international travel, you can experience time differences and jet lag. Arriving at 7 am after a 14-hour flight and having to stay awake all day may make you feel uneasy.

The time difference can also impact your vacation quality and access to contacting your family back home. There is no need to worry about jetlag and time difference during a local staycation!


Planning is a huge part of people’s holidays. You have limited time to explore a new country and you want to pack in as many things as possible. However, planning to visit a new country can take time.

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The beauty of a staycation is that you can leave home without completing a list of tasks such as searching for cheap flights or searching for accommodation near the airport. Less planning will enable you to spend more quality time with the people you love.

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